no pictures

i need to include pictures and i will soon i promise. so i finished the front panel of my new sweater and decided, why cut the yarn? i just binded (bound? bounded? what is the word for that?) off the middle and when i came back the other way, cast those stitches back on, like a button hole. as i started down the back side i figured why not just knit the front panel into the back panel then i don't have to come back and stitch it (which never works for me). it is working fine pretty much, but the sweater is a big box. i suppose that is the simplest way to make it, but i wish it fitted in the shoulders better. it is too big in the shoulders although i suspect it will be just right around the bust. i want to make a fitted sweater, but can't figure out how and when to increase and decrease. i need to find a great book that makes figuring out that stuff simple. i will post pics soon, possibly tonight. any suggestions? should i frog it a third time? i spent a LOT of money on this yarn and i want to love this sweater.


ok so using larger needles? not the solution. it ended up too loose, too tight, too sloppy. which just makes my lack of pattern look even worse. i frogged it again and am mostly finished with the front panel again. it is size 10 needles ( i think, I will edit this when i actually find out). a much smaller gauge makes the stockinette much more even and clean looking, but goes much slower and will probably use up much more yarn.

so the circulation in my house... non existent. it is freezing cold in front of my air conditioner and hot as hell in the back where the bedrooms are. it doesn't help that it has been over 100 degrees all week here. as a result, last night while knitting the front panel of my wool sweater, i was naked. i just couldnt' get cool enough. the wool was hot. got an idea into my head. i have never seen the movie calender girls, but i'm so gonna put that on my netflix list now. what about a calender full of naked women gracefully covered with knitting materials. for instance balls of yarn, have finished projects hanging from the needles in the hand and draping their lap. i think it would be hot.

on another note, does anyone know of a cheap or free knitting pattern design program that is great? i need all the help i can get.


knitting n00b

so i started knitting when i was a kid in 4-H dropped it through the high school years, because, c'mon how cool was knitting when you were a kid and picked it back up in college. don't know why, i just liked it. crochet too. i have never made anything really fancy, mostly scarves and lame-o hats that no one can wear (i love scarves tho, scarves are great, easy and fun. but how many scarves does any one person really need when they live in the desert?).
well, almost two weeks ago i quit smoking and picked up knitting again. i splurged on 100% wool yarn that was overpriced in a specialty shop and decided i was going to make a sweater. a sweater that i could love, no matter how many mistakes i made on the pattern, as long as it fit i would be happy. and at the end of this sweater, i would have some fruit of my quitting labor, something to show for the nicotine withdrawls and hours of agony. then not only would my body be healthier, but i would have something physically to show for it.
i tried measuring myself and my guage and cast on what i thought i needed. i just wanted a simple stockinette sweater, boat neck collar would be great because i can just knit straight across. i created what i thought was a decent pattern. i knit in stockinette except on rows where i decreased or increased i knit garter to make counting easier and ended up with cute little horizontal stripes.

i created a front and back panel and it was too big and one panel was knit tighter than the other. so i frogged the whole thing. i tried starting again on larger needles to make it a lighter sweater, plus it knits up faster, but i am not happy with that either.

can someone, anyone show me how to create a simple stockinette pattern for a sweater? i really want something wearable that i will love.