no pictures

i need to include pictures and i will soon i promise. so i finished the front panel of my new sweater and decided, why cut the yarn? i just binded (bound? bounded? what is the word for that?) off the middle and when i came back the other way, cast those stitches back on, like a button hole. as i started down the back side i figured why not just knit the front panel into the back panel then i don't have to come back and stitch it (which never works for me). it is working fine pretty much, but the sweater is a big box. i suppose that is the simplest way to make it, but i wish it fitted in the shoulders better. it is too big in the shoulders although i suspect it will be just right around the bust. i want to make a fitted sweater, but can't figure out how and when to increase and decrease. i need to find a great book that makes figuring out that stuff simple. i will post pics soon, possibly tonight. any suggestions? should i frog it a third time? i spent a LOT of money on this yarn and i want to love this sweater.

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