big job, big city, little woman

i have made it to San Diego. started my job. love it but a little overwhelmed. i am beginning to wonder if I have the mechanical expertise for this job, especially after i broke two tools and a keyboard today. i swear the keyboard couldn't have been my fault. it was a wireless keyboard at a co-workers desk. i sat down and began typing numbers and it wouldn't acknowledge the keyboard at all!

and the tool thing. my boss gave me the wrong size twice so that can't be my fault either right? otherwise i love where i work. second day and i am already sunburned. i can see the water and boats and the ships will be pulling up right outside the building i'm in. i have security codes and badges. at the end of the day my hands are covered in oil and my muscles are sore. sounds crazy. but i love it that way. makes me feel like i really did something. also i now have a job that requires steel toed boots and am excited. i guess you could say i am definitely not a girlie girl.

i am a little overwhelmed just looking at San Diego though. i am definitely a country girl relative to this place. they only have crosswalks on the intersections with lights and that kinda scares me. if something that little scares me what will i do with big things, like rush hour traffic? i was self conscious of my posture. could passersby tell i wasn't from around here? things that never bothered me on vacation in big cities scares me now.

i'll get over it and move on. no knitting. too busy. too tired.


Leaving Tomorrow

last night some friends threw me a party. we played video games. there were a few presents (mostly video games). i love these guys.

i leave tomorrow and i'm pretty much ready to go, with some minor packing left. hesitant to pack up my laptop. what will i do without it?? bf and i are going out tonight to see Da Vinci code at the cheap theater as our last night together. not really a movie he wants to see, but he wants to spend time with me. i love that boy.

bf has been sick for a long time and finally has the appointment tomorrow he needs to figure it out. unfortunately that means a special diet today and he is miserable. poor boy. i wish that i could be here tomorrow to see him through it, but unfortunately i can't. i'll be calling him from california tho.

well, if i can i will post from california. if not, i will see you in a few weeks.


evil baby blanket

i finished the evil baby blanket. well actually i probably didn't really finish it. i kinda just called it quits. it isn't as big as it should be, but it is big enough for a baby :) i still have to weave in ends, but i'll do that when i get back from the Mexico cruise before i give it to them.

tonight i have some friends coming over for a little farewell party since i leave on tuesday. that means housecleaning. i hate housecleaning. but thank god for parties or else this place would never be clean and before parties bf helps me out.

wednesday was my last visit with the local knitting group i have come to love. h and i spent the whole night untangling a pound of love. it was nightmarish. no knitting got done, but i didn't really have anything to knit anyway.

i'm trying to figure out what i'm gonna knit on this cruise. i have bf's scarf to finish but that will not keep me busy for four weeks. i have nearly two hanks left over from my green sweater (100% wool) and the pretty purple stuff i got online. i would love to make a sweater for bf's son, but i don't have a pattern so i don't know if i will get that done.

bf's son loves his daddy's new alien scarf. from the kitchen table he could see the alien so he was running up to it "stripes" and away "alien" over and over again. poor little guy has a cough. real phlegmy. he absolutely denies he is sick though. poor kid.


Recycled Sweaters

can you tell i like the color green?

so this is a sweater that was given to me for Christmas once upon a time (store bought so machine made). i love it. but it doesn't fit. too small now. however i would love to recycle it. i have never recycled a sweater before and would really love some suggestions.

i think i want to turn it into a shrug, i'm in the process of designing. before i touch this sweater to rip it out and make a swatch, any suggestions for recycling it? it says it is 55% ramie (i don't know what ramie is) and 45% cotton.


promised pictures, scarves and blankets

alien illusion scarf from the top,

alien illusion scarf from the side. how cool did that come out? bf said he just wanted one alien instead of the pattern repeated over and over again so now i just have to knit stripes. i'm not going to work on this anymore until i leave for mexico, because it is a small travel size project. in the mean time, i have to finish this baby blanket from HELL!!

looks very sweet doesn't it. it is a nice, soft, cute baby blanket, what could possibly be so evil about it? well red heart baby clouds yarn is awful! sure it is soft and washable but it splits on every stitch and frays. not only is knitting very slow trying to prevent that, but going back to fix stuff is impossible. those cute little hole are made with yarn-overs that i keep dropping, but can't find where they are dropped. so i everytime i find it short i just add an increase, which cannot possibly be good for the blanket, but i can't find the dropped stitches and am scared to death to try and rip it out. i hate this blanket soo much. i just can't wait for it to be OVER!!


no pics, sorry

the alien illusion scarf is coming out beautifully. bf has told me he only wants one alien on it, i don't have to repeat the pattern over and over again. that is nice and i already completed the alien pattern (get pics up soon). this is great because it means i don't have to bring instructions along when i am on the boat (all about the less crap to carry).

the baby blanket i started a while ago (i swear i posted about it but can't find the post anywhere) was coming out atrocious, so i started this baby blanket instead. this is really hard now. i had to rip out the old blanket which was in Red Heart Baby Clouds. this yarn is almost impossible not to split and trying to reuse it is next to impossible. but it is coming along (again, pics soon). i had to run to H's house last night and trade her some size 15 needles because mine were too short for the blanket.

i had lunch yesterday with my advisor. he took me out for Egyptian food. it was the first time i had it and it was really great. no it wasn't anything icky like a date or anything. it was because we are both high-tailing it away from my university as fast as we can and he has been my advisor for about 5 years. i have worked for him in his chemical lab with his wife, entertained his kids when they follow him to school and spent weeks at a time at sea. i think the least we can do on a big parting of the ways like this is have lunch.

i also received my flight info for the next few weeks. i leave for california a week from today and then to Mexico for a few weeks, back to california then home. reserved the rental truck. the actual moving weekend looks to be the last week in september. i am really excited to spend some one on one time with my mom. my sister may be coming for a short time and i'm excited because i love and miss her too, but i am really excited for the few days i'll have my mom to myself. that never happens.

i'm taking my fish tonight to my pal Grok's house. he has awesomely offered to adopt them. i would love to take them with me to california except there are a few problems. my new job requires spending many weeks away from home and my new roommate has a similar job. meaning starving fish. he also doesn't have ac which means boiling fish. i don't know how good of care these fish will be getting at what is basically an off-campus dorm room, but he is the only person who has so graciously offered to take them in, so that's where they go.

also gave my apartment complex official notice that i would be moving out and bf told them he will be staying. i suppose i have to go make dinner. dammit.

by the way, how awesome is jon? he made that new header image for me. he rocks, check out his blog.


Alien Illusion Scarf

i have begun work on a scarf for my bf. it is the alien illusion scarf from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch n' Bitch designed by Shetha Nolke. i have only completed 26 rows so far, but i am really happy with the progress. had to rip it out a few times to get it right initially. for instance it says to cast on in the MC - black but the chart has you knitting the first row in CC - green. my solution to this was a double cast-on in MC and started my chart after that in CC. A row counter is absolutely necessary or you will be counting your rows every color change.

i am using Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK which is a deviation from the pattern in that the pattern is done in a worsted weight yarn. I have found this not to be a big deal, because i like the width of this scarf much better. and it feels "sturdy" like the pattern makes you think is necessary, but still very soft. but i only bought one ball of each color and i am beginning to think i may have to get one more of each. just to be safe.

i also got supplies to create a case for all my knitting needles. i have something for my paintbrushes which i LOVE. it is essentially just pockets in a piece of canvas that you roll up. i'm going to try to recreate that for my needles. i just got some quilt squares at joann's and some of that fusing you just have to iron instead of sewing (getting my sewing machine out now just sounds like a big hassle, maybe my iron will be easier). I'll post pictures as i get that going.

today was a fun day. i played Katamari Damacy with my bf's little guy and we went running around to craft stores with my girl H and little guy was so well behaved. he had to go shopping again tonight at walmart with me and bf. by the time we left, the grown ups were losing it and he just did a great job of keeping his cool. we celebrated with a frosty.


Never Happy

so it turns out that i am just never happy. i finished my sweater yesterday and i love it. fits great. could have paid more attention to the colors, but i don't care. this means i am currently between projects right? no i have six or seven items on needles in my wicker chest. i have a baby blanket to finish in a matter of weeks. however, i find myself online looking for more dpns to make socks. could i please just finish one item in my massive box of half finished projects before i worry about buying more stuff?

i am soon to make my home in a big city with probably more knitting stores than i could have ever dreamed of and yet here i find myself trying to stock up this weekend. WAIT you dope!

anyway, i finished my sweater and painted an african scene for my cousin's bedroom today.



i don't have any comments.

oh hey i forgot to post my eBay goodies.
i got a set of wooden needles and the purple hanks (60% wool, 40% silk, hand spun and colored) the other yarn and lighted needles are a gift from my aunt. she is so nice to me :)




my sweater has an arm! yay me. i tried it on every couple of inches and took very detailed notes so that i could make the second one the same. i LOVE it, but the first part near the armhole is no fun. i like it from the elbow down because it goes so much faster. i promise to post finished pictures and i will probably write out the pattern when it is finished.

tomorrow is my second night with the knitting group. i'm really looking forward to it. this weekend i am dragging bf to the LYS to pick out some yarn. he loves the alien illusion scarf in Stitch n' Bitch and so i'm gonna make that for him. probably gonna make it on the cruise out of Mexico. also on that cruise i want to make a sweater for his son in green camouflaged red heart acrylic.


the night of the lists

i got the job. i am moving to San Diego, CA in September following a "cruise" this month in the sea of cortez. and i will now be spending up to 6 mos a year at sea. ok so this is not the "cruise" like you are thinking. it is entirely work "cruise".

let's list the differences shall we?

  1. very small, close quarters. you can go no further then 300 ft max.
  2. there are anywhere between 20 and 50 people who share those 300 ft with you and you can NEVER get away from them.
  3. the work is physically and mentally hard, draining and dirty. in addition to all that, it is nearly 24 hours a day as long as you are within sight of the boat, you are working on the boat.
  4. food is mediocre and fresh veggies are only good for so long no matter what amazing technology you use to keep them.
  5. i will be missing many holidays, birthdays, weddings and the like, seeing as i must be able to be at sea for 6 mos of the year (not all at once mind you).
now why? why on god's green earth am i so excited about this job?
  1. you canNOT beat the commute, you sleep under your office.
  2. if you enjoy the company, you are lucky and get to know them very well during the time you spend together.
  3. while difficult, tiring and dirty it is very rewarding and specialized and at the end of the cruise/day you feel like you got some important information from the sea.
  4. the cooks/chefs are usually nice and aim to please. they try really hard and sometimes, you will get a crazy creme brulee in the middle of the pacific ocean and seriously, when was the last time you had creme brulee?
  5. hopefully i will have much more time off and money to play and visit during calmer days than holidays.
  6. work will send me all around the pacific ocean. how else am i gonna be able to afford a two week vacation in New Zealand?
  7. i can continue to do science without begging for money or writing papers.
  8. 6 mos at sea a year! i love the sea. it is beautiful and amazing and powerful. i LOVE it.
this means much work on my part in the next two weeks. must settle some business at the university. do a ton of paperwork for my new job and international travel. packing for a cruise for an extended period of time is difficult, especially on such short notice.

also. i am leave my local family. i have lived here for seven years and built a family when i went away to college. i currently live with my bf and his son on weekends. we have lived together for almost two years now. i love him so much. we both have always known this day was coming, but we wanted to be together so we stayed together.

we knew this was coming for several reasons.
  1. i cannot do marine research in idaho. it is physically impossible. he cannot leave the area without sacrificing custody of his son. he won't be leaving.
  2. while i am divorced i am not opposed to marriage, but rather look forward to being married again and having children. bf does not want either. those are big things to just get over.
it was probably a bad idea to stay the minute i know we had different plans for life rather then get so damn attached, but i love him and don't want to leave him. as a result. i now cry at the drop of a hat at the idea of saying good-bye to him.

lots of positive and negative. i'm excited for my new life, but then again...

time to go celebrate with a little more crying.


so the pics you missed.

the next sweater i'm gonna make.

The tools that I use. will share pics when I get my stuff from eBay.

The ribbing on the bottom of what I call my Quit Smoking Sweater.

Happy Birthday to me. a new knitting bag and booze. I have good friends!

My new sweater is coming along...


so little problem

so i tried a different blog site and i didn't like it. I couldn't join a web ring without upgrading to the premium package so i have moved back here. here are all the posts you missed and i will get some pics in here as well.

Friday, August 04, 2006

ebay is the devil. it is two in the morning and I am looking at yarn i cannot afford. i have made two ebay purchases this week, one for bamboo needles and another for a beautiful wool/silk yarn. i had to put groceries on a credit card because we had no food and no money. and yet, here i am looking at all the beautiful colors and fibers and textures. i found an even better deal today than i got yesterday. someone buy this beautiful yarn. let me know what you make of it and i will live vicariously through you.

my front/back sweater panels are seamed together and i am working on the sleeve with dpns. pics tomorrow, when my sanity has returned.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
web rings
i am very very interested in joining web rings, but i can't figure out how to post the ring code. does anyone have any really helpful info on this? do i have to pay for my blog before i can get that posted?
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Wednesday Nights

so wednesdays are currently my favorite day of the week. since the new season of project runway started, two girlfriends (A & H) and i have been getting together for it and our guys have gotten together (we all met on WOW i am ebarassed to admit, but once you understand the depth of my nerdiness it will all make sense). anyway, us girls have been going to see girlie movies and playing games but now we have a knitting circle to go to before-hand and it is perfect! i am so happy to have met these gals. we met them last night for the first time at a starbucks. someone brought a spinning wheel. in starbucks. how cool is that?

well A is out of town and she will be next week as well, so it was just H and i. i'm glad to say she loved it. i didn't know what i would do if she didn't. i couldnt' really bail on our PR nights to go knit with people i don't know, but she did. i called A last night (yes we called each other in the middle of the show! what's your point) and she loved the idea of going to the knitting circle.

the knitters there loved the idea of my quit-smoking-sweater and thought it looked beautiful this time around. I have decided to do some short-rows on each side of the top front panel to raise the shoulders on my boat-neck without choking me out. I thought about some bust shaping with short-row darts, but i don't think this pattern requires it.

on another note, yesterday i began designing my next sweater. is spice in lion brand wool ease chunky and fringed with brown faux fur. subject to change of course.

oh yeah, quit 32 days today. i don't think those three nights they got me drunk and i had one or two count. it is still much better than a pack a day.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Baby Blanket

well, let's just call it a lesson learned. i have some friends who are expecting a baby. i decided to make use of my mad knitting skillz and make them a blanket. well i don't have a car, i don't leave the house much during the day (at least not till my bf comes home) so i bought yarn online and it was delivered yesterday. i looked so soft online. i realized it was acrylic, i picked acrylic on purpose so it would be easy to wash. it should be soft, it is called baby clouds for christ's sake. i was sorely disappointed in the yarn. it seemed very coarse. i am knitting it up anyway and hoping through washing it will soften up or at least being knitted will help soften it, who knows. this is what i got completed so far. i figure i will make four of these squares and join them. can you reshape acrylic knitted items somehow? i can't imagine blocking working, i just want to even up the rows (sometimes i knit tighter than others).

anyway, other projects OTN:

my green wool sweater, its coming along. almost finished with the ribbing on the front panel

a long wide scarf i made for my sister to double as a shawl. i am duplicating it for myself. that one is just on hold until i finish the green wool sweater.

another shawl for my youngest sister. i am ashamed to admit it has been sitting on the needles for 8 mos. i'm pathetic.

projects in wait? i bought some lion brand wool ease for a sweater. the color is called spice and i got some brown eyelash for trimming the sweater, we'll see if i ever even start that project.
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so i have begun a new pattern. i'm not sure if it is going to work so well. i decided on a ribbed pattern because it is kinda stretchy and would look more fitted (i hope i hope). i just continued with the same stockinette guage becuase at the top (from the chest up) it will be stockinette. however i am concerned that the sweater will be much to small at the hips and too tight around my belly. i want to hide my fat, not flaunt it. i will have long stockinette sleeves that bell out. i hope. I don't know how it will turn out, we'll see.


bottles of booze are littered everywhere. doh. the party was great. we found a hello kitty cake at walmart with cookies and cream frosting and we just had to have it. we played drunk CLUE and pictionary and a blast was had by all. except the people who get drunk and depressed over cancer. what can you do with that? really? a few folks stayed over and we were up till nearly 6 am just talking, maybe sneaking a few cigarettes, but only a few i swear!

saturday was spent in bed or the bathroom, but mostly in bed. in the evening i watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with DB's son.

sunday we had yummy fatty omelets at IHOP for lunch and went to Barnes & Noble. i know that it is odd that i went to a book store, because i had just received these goodies in the mail from amazon. but we went for other reasons and while i was there i was looking through the knitting section. nothing i really liked, pattern-wise (i really need to start creating patterns, hence the sweater design in plain english book).

anyway, i was checking out the knitter's companion when a woman started chatting with me about it being a good one. she asked if i knit and brought up a group she is in (YAY!! PERFECT) and invited me along. it is on wednesdays at 7 pm perfect because i get together with some girlfriends on wednesday evenings to watch project runway and we are usually looking for something to do earlier in the evening. this will be perfect! plus i have been looking for a group. i want a wealth of knowledge surrounding me and people to ask for help and people who are just as obsessed as i am.

well i have to go check out the websites i found in the books i bought. read. knit. maybe do work. but only maybe. i am so impressed that Crazy Aunt Purl is able to work at all, the way she was obsessed. i don't do work more than once a week. that will change of course if i get this job in SD which is still up in the air.

happy bday to me 7/28

today i am 25 along with my best friends girlfriend. our birthday is on the same day. how weird is that? i have to clean my house on my birthday (blow) for a few crazy drunks coming over tonight. the admission is the beverage of their choice to share with the birthday girls. already i have been given the gift of martini supplies in a brand new knitting bag, yay me! i like gin and tonics and i really like green olives, but i haven't decided how i feel about martini's yet. however i have never had a dirty martini. maybe i would really like it that way. can't decide what part of the martini i don't like, but it has to be the vermouth since i like gin in other drinks right? who knows.

gonna go run some errands this afternoon. get myself all high class at walmart. HA! actually just want some plain old t-shirts and tanks. solid colors. need liquid plummer for the bathtub and some batteries for my camera. say CHEESE!