Alien Illusion Scarf

i have begun work on a scarf for my bf. it is the alien illusion scarf from Debbie Stoller's book Stitch n' Bitch designed by Shetha Nolke. i have only completed 26 rows so far, but i am really happy with the progress. had to rip it out a few times to get it right initially. for instance it says to cast on in the MC - black but the chart has you knitting the first row in CC - green. my solution to this was a double cast-on in MC and started my chart after that in CC. A row counter is absolutely necessary or you will be counting your rows every color change.

i am using Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK which is a deviation from the pattern in that the pattern is done in a worsted weight yarn. I have found this not to be a big deal, because i like the width of this scarf much better. and it feels "sturdy" like the pattern makes you think is necessary, but still very soft. but i only bought one ball of each color and i am beginning to think i may have to get one more of each. just to be safe.

i also got supplies to create a case for all my knitting needles. i have something for my paintbrushes which i LOVE. it is essentially just pockets in a piece of canvas that you roll up. i'm going to try to recreate that for my needles. i just got some quilt squares at joann's and some of that fusing you just have to iron instead of sewing (getting my sewing machine out now just sounds like a big hassle, maybe my iron will be easier). I'll post pictures as i get that going.

today was a fun day. i played Katamari Damacy with my bf's little guy and we went running around to craft stores with my girl H and little guy was so well behaved. he had to go shopping again tonight at walmart with me and bf. by the time we left, the grown ups were losing it and he just did a great job of keeping his cool. we celebrated with a frosty.


kat said...

that scarf turn out really cool but there is an error in the pattern...i think it may have been fixed in later editions but you should check on the website to make sure yours in correct or the illusion doesn't woork

brandilion said...

Thanks Kat... I sorted it out on my own cause it kept coming out weird. but checked online at your suggestion and the changes I made were exactly what the corrections said. So it's coming out right now.

ann said...

congrats on quitting smoking! I saw that you applied to cold turkey knitters webring and have instructed ringsurf to send you the ring code - let me know once it's installed and I will move you to the members list!