big job, big city, little woman

i have made it to San Diego. started my job. love it but a little overwhelmed. i am beginning to wonder if I have the mechanical expertise for this job, especially after i broke two tools and a keyboard today. i swear the keyboard couldn't have been my fault. it was a wireless keyboard at a co-workers desk. i sat down and began typing numbers and it wouldn't acknowledge the keyboard at all!

and the tool thing. my boss gave me the wrong size twice so that can't be my fault either right? otherwise i love where i work. second day and i am already sunburned. i can see the water and boats and the ships will be pulling up right outside the building i'm in. i have security codes and badges. at the end of the day my hands are covered in oil and my muscles are sore. sounds crazy. but i love it that way. makes me feel like i really did something. also i now have a job that requires steel toed boots and am excited. i guess you could say i am definitely not a girlie girl.

i am a little overwhelmed just looking at San Diego though. i am definitely a country girl relative to this place. they only have crosswalks on the intersections with lights and that kinda scares me. if something that little scares me what will i do with big things, like rush hour traffic? i was self conscious of my posture. could passersby tell i wasn't from around here? things that never bothered me on vacation in big cities scares me now.

i'll get over it and move on. no knitting. too busy. too tired.

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