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oh hey i forgot to post my eBay goodies.
i got a set of wooden needles and the purple hanks (60% wool, 40% silk, hand spun and colored) the other yarn and lighted needles are a gift from my aunt. she is so nice to me :)



deciBel-Hertz said...

Knitting rules! Cancer drools!

Dani said...

Hey Brandi, nice to "meet" you too!

My hubby plays WoW alot too. Do you play Horde or Alliance? And which server?

Just read about your upcoming adventure at sea - how cool (and bittersweet) Good for you though for following your dream! Will you be able to keep posting?


Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

Welcome to the Knitting Blog family! Great job on the ebay finds... Lucky.

Me, I'm too chicken to shop ebay. Maybe someday!