happy bday to me 7/28

today i am 25 along with my best friends girlfriend. our birthday is on the same day. how weird is that? i have to clean my house on my birthday (blow) for a few crazy drunks coming over tonight. the admission is the beverage of their choice to share with the birthday girls. already i have been given the gift of martini supplies in a brand new knitting bag, yay me! i like gin and tonics and i really like green olives, but i haven't decided how i feel about martini's yet. however i have never had a dirty martini. maybe i would really like it that way. can't decide what part of the martini i don't like, but it has to be the vermouth since i like gin in other drinks right? who knows.

gonna go run some errands this afternoon. get myself all high class at walmart. HA! actually just want some plain old t-shirts and tanks. solid colors. need liquid plummer for the bathtub and some batteries for my camera. say CHEESE!

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