evil baby blanket

i finished the evil baby blanket. well actually i probably didn't really finish it. i kinda just called it quits. it isn't as big as it should be, but it is big enough for a baby :) i still have to weave in ends, but i'll do that when i get back from the Mexico cruise before i give it to them.

tonight i have some friends coming over for a little farewell party since i leave on tuesday. that means housecleaning. i hate housecleaning. but thank god for parties or else this place would never be clean and before parties bf helps me out.

wednesday was my last visit with the local knitting group i have come to love. h and i spent the whole night untangling a pound of love. it was nightmarish. no knitting got done, but i didn't really have anything to knit anyway.

i'm trying to figure out what i'm gonna knit on this cruise. i have bf's scarf to finish but that will not keep me busy for four weeks. i have nearly two hanks left over from my green sweater (100% wool) and the pretty purple stuff i got online. i would love to make a sweater for bf's son, but i don't have a pattern so i don't know if i will get that done.

bf's son loves his daddy's new alien scarf. from the kitchen table he could see the alien so he was running up to it "stripes" and away "alien" over and over again. poor little guy has a cough. real phlegmy. he absolutely denies he is sick though. poor kid.

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Geraldine said...

i see you love making scarves and blankets, just like I do! i'm working on the alien scarf design to incorporate into a kid's blanket...