Leaving Tomorrow

last night some friends threw me a party. we played video games. there were a few presents (mostly video games). i love these guys.

i leave tomorrow and i'm pretty much ready to go, with some minor packing left. hesitant to pack up my laptop. what will i do without it?? bf and i are going out tonight to see Da Vinci code at the cheap theater as our last night together. not really a movie he wants to see, but he wants to spend time with me. i love that boy.

bf has been sick for a long time and finally has the appointment tomorrow he needs to figure it out. unfortunately that means a special diet today and he is miserable. poor boy. i wish that i could be here tomorrow to see him through it, but unfortunately i can't. i'll be calling him from california tho.

well, if i can i will post from california. if not, i will see you in a few weeks.

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