Never Happy

so it turns out that i am just never happy. i finished my sweater yesterday and i love it. fits great. could have paid more attention to the colors, but i don't care. this means i am currently between projects right? no i have six or seven items on needles in my wicker chest. i have a baby blanket to finish in a matter of weeks. however, i find myself online looking for more dpns to make socks. could i please just finish one item in my massive box of half finished projects before i worry about buying more stuff?

i am soon to make my home in a big city with probably more knitting stores than i could have ever dreamed of and yet here i find myself trying to stock up this weekend. WAIT you dope!

anyway, i finished my sweater and painted an african scene for my cousin's bedroom today.


Dani said...

You painted that in a DAY? Holy creative!

I understand about the hwole buying now - even though youa re leaving, you are still nesting - makes sense in a basic instinct kinda way. Plus you will be at sea, so technically you wont have access for awhile LOL

Hubby wants to know which server you're on? He loves that so many knitters are also WoWers ;-)


Heather said...

I love the sweater!! What was your pattern / inspiration???

brandilion said...

dani - i play on boulderfist lvl 60 tauren hunter.
heather - i created the pattern after many many froggings. i wanted a simple stockinette sweater that "fit", amazingly hard to find, but as i went, what i wanted changed. i just kept ripping it out till i had something i loved.

Sonja said...

Oh no! What happened to her head? Love the painting.

ck said...

The sweater turned out great!