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the alien illusion scarf is coming out beautifully. bf has told me he only wants one alien on it, i don't have to repeat the pattern over and over again. that is nice and i already completed the alien pattern (get pics up soon). this is great because it means i don't have to bring instructions along when i am on the boat (all about the less crap to carry).

the baby blanket i started a while ago (i swear i posted about it but can't find the post anywhere) was coming out atrocious, so i started this baby blanket instead. this is really hard now. i had to rip out the old blanket which was in Red Heart Baby Clouds. this yarn is almost impossible not to split and trying to reuse it is next to impossible. but it is coming along (again, pics soon). i had to run to H's house last night and trade her some size 15 needles because mine were too short for the blanket.

i had lunch yesterday with my advisor. he took me out for Egyptian food. it was the first time i had it and it was really great. no it wasn't anything icky like a date or anything. it was because we are both high-tailing it away from my university as fast as we can and he has been my advisor for about 5 years. i have worked for him in his chemical lab with his wife, entertained his kids when they follow him to school and spent weeks at a time at sea. i think the least we can do on a big parting of the ways like this is have lunch.

i also received my flight info for the next few weeks. i leave for california a week from today and then to Mexico for a few weeks, back to california then home. reserved the rental truck. the actual moving weekend looks to be the last week in september. i am really excited to spend some one on one time with my mom. my sister may be coming for a short time and i'm excited because i love and miss her too, but i am really excited for the few days i'll have my mom to myself. that never happens.

i'm taking my fish tonight to my pal Grok's house. he has awesomely offered to adopt them. i would love to take them with me to california except there are a few problems. my new job requires spending many weeks away from home and my new roommate has a similar job. meaning starving fish. he also doesn't have ac which means boiling fish. i don't know how good of care these fish will be getting at what is basically an off-campus dorm room, but he is the only person who has so graciously offered to take them in, so that's where they go.

also gave my apartment complex official notice that i would be moving out and bf told them he will be staying. i suppose i have to go make dinner. dammit.

by the way, how awesome is jon? he made that new header image for me. he rocks, check out his blog.

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Dani said...

you just better not leave without giving us update (PICS) on those WIPS *s* (Like you have NOTHING else to worry about LOL)

Glad the fishies have a home. Sounds like things are moving right along.