promised pictures, scarves and blankets

alien illusion scarf from the top,

alien illusion scarf from the side. how cool did that come out? bf said he just wanted one alien instead of the pattern repeated over and over again so now i just have to knit stripes. i'm not going to work on this anymore until i leave for mexico, because it is a small travel size project. in the mean time, i have to finish this baby blanket from HELL!!

looks very sweet doesn't it. it is a nice, soft, cute baby blanket, what could possibly be so evil about it? well red heart baby clouds yarn is awful! sure it is soft and washable but it splits on every stitch and frays. not only is knitting very slow trying to prevent that, but going back to fix stuff is impossible. those cute little hole are made with yarn-overs that i keep dropping, but can't find where they are dropped. so i everytime i find it short i just add an increase, which cannot possibly be good for the blanket, but i can't find the dropped stitches and am scared to death to try and rip it out. i hate this blanket soo much. i just can't wait for it to be OVER!!


Mandy said...

Cool scarf! I am going to have to make one sooner or later!!

Dani said...

The scarf is AWESOME! I know the pain with that spolitty yarn - I made a project linus blanket from it - or shoudl say STARTED AND THREW AWAY a Project Linus Blanket form it - you have patience!!!