bottles of booze are littered everywhere. doh. the party was great. we found a hello kitty cake at walmart with cookies and cream frosting and we just had to have it. we played drunk CLUE and pictionary and a blast was had by all. except the people who get drunk and depressed over cancer. what can you do with that? really? a few folks stayed over and we were up till nearly 6 am just talking, maybe sneaking a few cigarettes, but only a few i swear!

saturday was spent in bed or the bathroom, but mostly in bed. in the evening i watched Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with DB's son.

sunday we had yummy fatty omelets at IHOP for lunch and went to Barnes & Noble. i know that it is odd that i went to a book store, because i had just received these goodies in the mail from amazon. but we went for other reasons and while i was there i was looking through the knitting section. nothing i really liked, pattern-wise (i really need to start creating patterns, hence the sweater design in plain english book).

anyway, i was checking out the knitter's companion when a woman started chatting with me about it being a good one. she asked if i knit and brought up a group she is in (YAY!! PERFECT) and invited me along. it is on wednesdays at 7 pm perfect because i get together with some girlfriends on wednesday evenings to watch project runway and we are usually looking for something to do earlier in the evening. this will be perfect! plus i have been looking for a group. i want a wealth of knowledge surrounding me and people to ask for help and people who are just as obsessed as i am.

well i have to go check out the websites i found in the books i bought. read. knit. maybe do work. but only maybe. i am so impressed that Crazy Aunt Purl is able to work at all, the way she was obsessed. i don't do work more than once a week. that will change of course if i get this job in SD which is still up in the air.

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