Recycled Sweaters

can you tell i like the color green?

so this is a sweater that was given to me for Christmas once upon a time (store bought so machine made). i love it. but it doesn't fit. too small now. however i would love to recycle it. i have never recycled a sweater before and would really love some suggestions.

i think i want to turn it into a shrug, i'm in the process of designing. before i touch this sweater to rip it out and make a swatch, any suggestions for recycling it? it says it is 55% ramie (i don't know what ramie is) and 45% cotton.


ShannieKnitChic said...

Hi, I got my cabled hoodie pattern out of the Interweave "Knitscene" Magazine...it is called central park hoodie...it is a very easy pattern, but not too easy that it is boring if you know what I mean!

Sonja said...

Ramie is a plant fiber that comes from China. See http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/5000/5501.html
It reminds me somewhat of cotton when woven. I haven't had anything knit from it. It supposedly is not elastic and is much stronger when wet.