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so i tried a different blog site and i didn't like it. I couldn't join a web ring without upgrading to the premium package so i have moved back here. here are all the posts you missed and i will get some pics in here as well.

Friday, August 04, 2006

ebay is the devil. it is two in the morning and I am looking at yarn i cannot afford. i have made two ebay purchases this week, one for bamboo needles and another for a beautiful wool/silk yarn. i had to put groceries on a credit card because we had no food and no money. and yet, here i am looking at all the beautiful colors and fibers and textures. i found an even better deal today than i got yesterday. someone buy this beautiful yarn. let me know what you make of it and i will live vicariously through you.

my front/back sweater panels are seamed together and i am working on the sleeve with dpns. pics tomorrow, when my sanity has returned.
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Thursday, August 03, 2006
web rings
i am very very interested in joining web rings, but i can't figure out how to post the ring code. does anyone have any really helpful info on this? do i have to pay for my blog before i can get that posted?
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Wednesday Nights

so wednesdays are currently my favorite day of the week. since the new season of project runway started, two girlfriends (A & H) and i have been getting together for it and our guys have gotten together (we all met on WOW i am ebarassed to admit, but once you understand the depth of my nerdiness it will all make sense). anyway, us girls have been going to see girlie movies and playing games but now we have a knitting circle to go to before-hand and it is perfect! i am so happy to have met these gals. we met them last night for the first time at a starbucks. someone brought a spinning wheel. in starbucks. how cool is that?

well A is out of town and she will be next week as well, so it was just H and i. i'm glad to say she loved it. i didn't know what i would do if she didn't. i couldnt' really bail on our PR nights to go knit with people i don't know, but she did. i called A last night (yes we called each other in the middle of the show! what's your point) and she loved the idea of going to the knitting circle.

the knitters there loved the idea of my quit-smoking-sweater and thought it looked beautiful this time around. I have decided to do some short-rows on each side of the top front panel to raise the shoulders on my boat-neck without choking me out. I thought about some bust shaping with short-row darts, but i don't think this pattern requires it.

on another note, yesterday i began designing my next sweater. is spice in lion brand wool ease chunky and fringed with brown faux fur. subject to change of course.

oh yeah, quit 32 days today. i don't think those three nights they got me drunk and i had one or two count. it is still much better than a pack a day.
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Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Baby Blanket

well, let's just call it a lesson learned. i have some friends who are expecting a baby. i decided to make use of my mad knitting skillz and make them a blanket. well i don't have a car, i don't leave the house much during the day (at least not till my bf comes home) so i bought yarn online and it was delivered yesterday. i looked so soft online. i realized it was acrylic, i picked acrylic on purpose so it would be easy to wash. it should be soft, it is called baby clouds for christ's sake. i was sorely disappointed in the yarn. it seemed very coarse. i am knitting it up anyway and hoping through washing it will soften up or at least being knitted will help soften it, who knows. this is what i got completed so far. i figure i will make four of these squares and join them. can you reshape acrylic knitted items somehow? i can't imagine blocking working, i just want to even up the rows (sometimes i knit tighter than others).

anyway, other projects OTN:

my green wool sweater, its coming along. almost finished with the ribbing on the front panel

a long wide scarf i made for my sister to double as a shawl. i am duplicating it for myself. that one is just on hold until i finish the green wool sweater.

another shawl for my youngest sister. i am ashamed to admit it has been sitting on the needles for 8 mos. i'm pathetic.

projects in wait? i bought some lion brand wool ease for a sweater. the color is called spice and i got some brown eyelash for trimming the sweater, we'll see if i ever even start that project.
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