Crazy Land

did you forget about me?

I have survived my trip. The Alien illusion scarf while not finished is coming out super super cool. i made some changes to it and i will show you when i am not a citizen of crazy land usa. got all kinda of things to share about my trip and i will but this is my last weekend in town and i have been visiting friends and family every night since i got back on thursday. it hasn't ended yet. today i have to buy moving boxes, go to my aunts for a final visit, lunch and football, then tonight guildies from nearby are coming to see me ( i love Grok and Pad (formerly referenced as A from H and A)).

i have three business days to pack before i leave and people are coming to see me in the evenings so i will not be able to sleep in and nap like i used too. i look forward to telling you all about all this crap and catching up with you guys.


Kristy said...

Hi! I just wanted to reply to your comment on the Grandmother Purl blanket blog. Of course we would LOVE for you to knit squares sometime in the midst of your move! The deadline is November 10 but even if you get squares to me after that, we will make good use of them. (If we get even 1/2 of the pledged squares, I am going to be sewing up for at least a couple of months!) Be safe in your move and Welcome to California!

me myself and i said...

Good Luck in CA!! What a great adventure!