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You scored as Elinor Dashwood. As Marianne's older sister, Elinor lives at the other end of the emotional spectrum. She rarely reveals her intense feelings and is more concerned with being honest and loyal than having what she deserves. Even though her intentions are pure, she sets herself up for loss by constantly placing other people before her own needs. Overall, Elinor is gentle and rational but is just as capable of radical emotions (despite her withholding them) as her sister.

Elinor Dashwood


Elizabeth Bennet


Emma Woodhouse


Jane Bennet


Marianne Dashwood


Charlotte Lucas


Lady Catherine

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boobies? ovaries!

so, very little news around here. some emotionally devastating stuff, but let's skip that, it's a downer. haven't been able to do much as far as knitting goes, voodoo is on hold until i finish my sister's hat. the hat is progressing super slowly and i have no excuses.

a few times i have started swatches for the Sexy Ribs Pullover from Big Girl Knits. i am thinking i would want to make it a tank. and the more i look at it i don't like the combination of two types of ribbing, wavy and straight. however, none of my swatches are looking any good so i will put it off until i can get better yarn for it (YAY YARN SHOPPING!). this weekend i may start the Boobies scarf from Knitty.com for my grandmother who, while not a breast cancer survivor, is an ovarian cancer survivor. maybe i'll call it the Ovaries scarf.


I Made it!

regarding the San Diego SnB, this time i didn't' chicken out. i came in almost an hour late and said, hi my name is... i don't know what was wrong with me last week. whatever it was i thought was totally wrong. these are my kind of girls. it was a nice mix ages and skill levels and i can't wait to go again next week. everyone was really nice and welcoming. makes me feel even more stupid for last week.

everyday when i come home from work and pop in the shower, i feel like a doctor scrubbing in for surgery. i scrub my arm's raw. and they still were never clean. black in my cuticles and in between the ridges on my fingers that i was beginning to feel was a new permanent fixture on my hands. i am so glad skin renews itself is all i gotta say about that. last night my hands were completely oil-free as i left work for the first time in three weeks. i found a solution. literally. i had to scrub maching parts ALL afternoon. it was like marathon dishwashing but with simple green and a hose.

my pants got soaked and i do believe that the simple green was removing oil from my pants that had survived two or three washes. i'm hooked. gonna buy a TON of simple green. non-toxic, biodegradable and beautiful hands.

also, one of the knit-groups on yahoo i belong too is discussing starting sexy ribs from Big Girl Knits. i think i may be doing that. i might have some yarn, but i think some pattern alterations will be in order. i'll keep you posted.
Sister's hat is coming along, i think it might even fit and everything, keep your fingers crossed.
i saw a gal working on the alien illusion scarf last night. first thing i did was bust out with how the published pattern didn't work for me and how i changed it. i guess i kinda mauled her. the poor girl didn't say anything. she will probably just keep it the way it is, which is cool. i was just trying to be helpful but i will control myself next time..


My First Block, YAY!

so today i blocked for the very first time. i blocked my Gramma Purl squares. one knit and one crocheted, a little variety is the spice of life right? i went to target (was there for some other things as well) and bought some quilting pins which seem to be working...

and used my good old iron with a steam function...

and here is the finished project...

well, finished as in now drying. special thanks to Kristy for her advice on how to block. i was absolutely clueless as to how to block. now, looking back i am wondering if i should have weaved the ends in first, but eh, i'll do it later :)


Once Upon a Time...

once upon a time i was a high school student with a job, a car i had purchased on my own and a little bit of spending money. i decided to treat my mother to dinner and a movie just the two of us. as we were driving through town, there was a woman with a baby and a little girl sitting on a street corner with a sign that read Need Help. it was a rarity in our small community and other than that i took no notice and continued driving. shortly however i noticed my mother crying, which was at that time another rarity.

i didn't know what to think. i thought maybe she was sick and it was a little while before i could get out of her what the problem was. "If it wasn't for your great-grandfather that could have been us!" she said. "I would have been on the corner with three babies." i was stunned. while i knew that we were usually a little strapped for cash, i never knew that it was that bad at one time.

we decided to pull into McDonald's. we bought a happy meal and a big mac meal and turned back their direction. since mom was a wreck i took the food out to them and told the little girl to eat the fries first because they were better hot. mom recovered after that and we continued to our movie (which was a bad choice that day because it ended sadly, just fyi). since my money was spent, we went home for dinner instead of going out like we planned. but it was ok, because we had a place to go and food in the refrigerator.

since, i have been facinated by homeless and i always feel bad for them. i help when i can and feel bad when i can't. today on a busy street corner was a bearded man with a sign. i don't even know what the sign said, i didn't care. he just needed a hand. my windows were open as well as the car beside me and i heard the woman in it tell her daughter not too look at him or he might come over. it made me so angry. what made her so unfeeling?

i had a five in my pocket that i was probably going to spend on cigarettes or candy bars and decided he needed it more than i did. i don't care if he was gonna spend it on drugs, drink or food. i just hope it brought him some relief.

and today, wherever my Gramps is, i hope is is proud of his great-grandchildren and feels his money was well invested. i miss you Gramps and Nonnie. thank you for loving and taking care of us.


back to normal

i just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments. they really helped and i have begun to move on.

yesterday my friends had their first daughter. while i was in another state i talked to them shortly after and they sent me pics online today. she is beautiful even though she looks a lot like daddy. all the people having babies makes me feel old. it doesn't seem like all that long ago, the new daddy was asking me out on a date and since he has met, fallen in love, married and had a baby with his wife. my second cousin is on his second kid, i never even knew about the first. when did i get so old and barren?

after monday's debacle, i threw my shoulders back and met some co-workers at happy hour. it wasn't so bad, especially with beer and cigarettes i was able to relax, listen and even chime in a few times. it was down by a farmer's market and on my way back to the car i bought myself a bouquet of flowers as a little reward for seeing and meeting and visiting with new people.
Knitting STUFF:

my sister's hat was definitly not gonna work. it wasn't what she wanted so i frogged it and am making a swatch like i shoulda originally. also for myself i started Voodoo from Knitty.com. I am using the same yarn as that one sweater. yeah you know which one. and i am making it random stripes. i like the way it is coming out so far and i have slipped it over my hand. it seems to fit. yay!


Damn the NFL

there is no way to describe this other than i chickened the f**k out. i was invited to a knitting group today. was planning on it all day and even excited. after work i cleaned myself up as best i could. even put on a skirt and make up. it is slightly chilly outside so i wore my most comfortable long gray sweater (best described by a friend of mine as a bathrobe sweater, maybe it wasn't a good choice). i got directions and took off.

traffic here is very different at night and even scarier for a small town girl like me who doesn't really know where she is going. when i found the place, parking was difficult to find and i got flustered trying to find a spot and watching traffic at the same time. i wasn't sure i was parked legally, but i picked up my bag and walked in to the coffee shop.

it was nearly all women with a large group on a couch. they had big bags the could be knitting bags, but no one was knitting. they were beautiful, well put together ladies. although my make-up was done, i was in pigtails and my bathrobe sweater. i walked to the counter and ordered a drink, but made it to go at the last second and walked back to my car.

i don't know what was wrong with me. my big plan to make friends in town was to meet knitters. knitters are the best people in the world and if nothing else you can talk about knitting. it's an ice breaker. i felt self-conscious and not good enough and got out of there as fast as my little legs could carry me.

i was so mad at myself. but once i walked out i couldn't go back in without looking stupid. i didn't know how to get home and had to take a big detour in order to find it while crying the whole way. it is so lonely here and i just had the time to realize it.

i miss my boyfriend. i miss my friends. i miss my family. i miss everyone. i didn't call any of them tonight as one might do when they miss another. i don't want them to know how sad i am and i am a pathetic liar. i don't want to get on Warcraft and fake a good mood. i don't want to knit. i don't want to read. and damn the NFL for moving monday night football away from ABC.

i debated about posting this. who would want to read it? but decided if you want to know the good you have to know the bad. why start lying now?


Una-Knitter spotted in the park

my plan for today was to get my bumper fixed and meet a knitting group in the park. i was super stoked for the whole day.

well it started by raining all night and most of the morning. i began to wonder about the park knit together, but didn't worry about it. went to get the bumper fixed, when i got there just after 9am, the guys to fix it hadn't come in yet but was expected any minute.

so i waited. and waited. and waited a little more.

by 11 he hadn't shown up and i had to take off for the knit together so i made an appointment to bring it back next saturday. good news is i was able to finish (except for weaving the ends in) the alien illusion scarf while i sat on the waiting couch.

took off to the park for the knit together. i wasn't sure where i was supposed to be and no one was there yet. i planted myself and started knitting. i figured my shiny red aluminum 12" needles flashing in the light would serve as a beacon for any knitters in the vicinity.

i only knew of three people involved in the group. two weren't going to make it until noon and another couldn't come due to her mother's heart attack. i wasn't worried though, i figured there were plenty of people involved in the group. doesn't sound so crazy does it? i mean if there are only three people that is more like a knitting few than a knitting group right? i dunno.

anyway, the rain stopped but the weather fluctuated between overcast and chilly and warm and sunny off and on for TWO hours while i sat in the park knitting on my own. hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses una-bomber style. i watched police cars roll by about 10 times and i'm sure they were on there radios... we've sighted suspicious person in balboa park, resembling una-bomber apparently armed with needles and flanked with a herd of aliens.

no one ever showed up. i was the sole crazy knitter in the park. i was very disappointed. i was lonely, but i had a finished alien illusion scarf. i did find all kinds of crazy cool stuff in the park however. there is a huge museum that i am now dying to go to. the san diego herbal group was in the park and the breeze from that direction smelled wonderful. i also watched a fleet of people practicing some kind of martial art and a croquet tournament or something.

anyway after all that i bought some size 7 dpns and circs and began on my sister's snowboarding hat. however, i am beginning to suspect it may be too small, but i have to finish it before i can try it on to know for sure. it is my first hat so it will be a learning experience.

i also bought some yarn that i intend to make the Boobies scarf from knitty for my grandmother. she is an ovarian cancer survivor, but has been involved with women who are breast cancer survivors and i thought she would get a kick out of it, i mean, it has boobies on it, who wouldn't love it?

finished alien illusion scarf! yay me!

sorry about the quality of the pics, i am uploading from a computer i don't usually use for this.


new work toys

so i am writing you now from my brand spanking new work laptop. thought i would open it up and get things started on it, but there is so much to do it is confusing. my roomie is super helpful about it though.

i got to play World of Warcraft with my friends last night. it was so nice to hear their voices, i may not be able to see them everyday, but at least i can hear their voices and joke around with them. a little homesickness may be setting in but i'm surviving.

got some super helpful info from my california knitter's group about local yarn shops and i can't wait to go check them out. this week will be a big shopping spree at ikea. gonna get a rug for my room, a filing cabinet and possibly dresser. we'll see.



so i already wrote this post once, and the computer screwed me, dammit. i don't think i have the heart to write it all over again with the same enthusiasm so i will give you the very quickly summarized version of the last one :)

The cruise was riddled with issues including a hurricane we had to ride out in Santa Rosalia...

While parked in Santa Rosalia we had to climb a wall to get out of the ship, it was scary...

we managed to find some time to hit the beach in La Paz...

and i was knitting away the whole cruise...

after all that excitement i packed up my home in boise, id and moved down to san diego, ca in a road trip with my mommy. a view of our ride...

we made a stop in las vegas and i wore my poor mom out, sorry mommy...

when we got to cali we met up with my sister and made a trip to encinitas...

where in exchange for knitting her a snowboarding hat, she bought me my first hanks of noro and i am sooo excited...

my cousin met up with us and we went to sea world before i had to start working again, it was soo much fun but that week really wore me out. i almost fell asleep at work on thursday and then crashed at 8:30 before work on friday. it is funny that i was all rested for work on friday because it ended up being a short day as one of the employees are leaving so they went to a party, doh. oh well. got to get plenty of rest tonight so this week i leave a much better impression.

Knitting to do:
1-finish alien illusion scarf
2-gramma purl's squares (check out my new button!)
3-sister 2's snowboarding hat
4-sister 3's shawl i started last year, just needs finishing
5-wrist warmers with my new noro
6-get calf measurements from my boise girlfriends cause i wanna make us matching legwarmers
7-pick a picture and yarn to make roomie an illusion scarf of his own
8-wrist bands that say DORK on them

soo much to do so little time.

by the way my new roomie is an awesome fit with my family and seems to get along great with my momma, sister and cousin. i knew it would work.

so now that the old post is updated how about the one actually about today...

i helped my roomie install new flooring in his office at work. it was cheap-o ikea flooring which didn't always fit together real well and was kinda a hassle as far as flooring goes, but it looks beautiful. him and his office mate are talking about pimping out the room with brushed steel switch plates and new blinds, they are gonna be stylin!

then we went to encinitas to Lou's Records. it is a sweet music store. i bought me the new decemberists album, 10,000 days by tool, are me from the barenaked ladies (not pornography as i have heard them referred to as, long story, i'll tell you if you ask) and doris day's sentimental journey. i know crazy combo but that's me.

good news is i have been too busy to get lonely yet, but that worries me, that means when it hits, it's gonna hit hard!