back to normal

i just want to thank everyone for their lovely comments. they really helped and i have begun to move on.

yesterday my friends had their first daughter. while i was in another state i talked to them shortly after and they sent me pics online today. she is beautiful even though she looks a lot like daddy. all the people having babies makes me feel old. it doesn't seem like all that long ago, the new daddy was asking me out on a date and since he has met, fallen in love, married and had a baby with his wife. my second cousin is on his second kid, i never even knew about the first. when did i get so old and barren?

after monday's debacle, i threw my shoulders back and met some co-workers at happy hour. it wasn't so bad, especially with beer and cigarettes i was able to relax, listen and even chime in a few times. it was down by a farmer's market and on my way back to the car i bought myself a bouquet of flowers as a little reward for seeing and meeting and visiting with new people.
Knitting STUFF:

my sister's hat was definitly not gonna work. it wasn't what she wanted so i frogged it and am making a swatch like i shoulda originally. also for myself i started Voodoo from Knitty.com. I am using the same yarn as that one sweater. yeah you know which one. and i am making it random stripes. i like the way it is coming out so far and i have slipped it over my hand. it seems to fit. yay!

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Tiffany said...

Yeah!!! I'm proud of you!