boobies? ovaries!

so, very little news around here. some emotionally devastating stuff, but let's skip that, it's a downer. haven't been able to do much as far as knitting goes, voodoo is on hold until i finish my sister's hat. the hat is progressing super slowly and i have no excuses.

a few times i have started swatches for the Sexy Ribs Pullover from Big Girl Knits. i am thinking i would want to make it a tank. and the more i look at it i don't like the combination of two types of ribbing, wavy and straight. however, none of my swatches are looking any good so i will put it off until i can get better yarn for it (YAY YARN SHOPPING!). this weekend i may start the Boobies scarf from Knitty.com for my grandmother who, while not a breast cancer survivor, is an ovarian cancer survivor. maybe i'll call it the Ovaries scarf.

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