I Made it!

regarding the San Diego SnB, this time i didn't' chicken out. i came in almost an hour late and said, hi my name is... i don't know what was wrong with me last week. whatever it was i thought was totally wrong. these are my kind of girls. it was a nice mix ages and skill levels and i can't wait to go again next week. everyone was really nice and welcoming. makes me feel even more stupid for last week.

everyday when i come home from work and pop in the shower, i feel like a doctor scrubbing in for surgery. i scrub my arm's raw. and they still were never clean. black in my cuticles and in between the ridges on my fingers that i was beginning to feel was a new permanent fixture on my hands. i am so glad skin renews itself is all i gotta say about that. last night my hands were completely oil-free as i left work for the first time in three weeks. i found a solution. literally. i had to scrub maching parts ALL afternoon. it was like marathon dishwashing but with simple green and a hose.

my pants got soaked and i do believe that the simple green was removing oil from my pants that had survived two or three washes. i'm hooked. gonna buy a TON of simple green. non-toxic, biodegradable and beautiful hands.

also, one of the knit-groups on yahoo i belong too is discussing starting sexy ribs from Big Girl Knits. i think i may be doing that. i might have some yarn, but i think some pattern alterations will be in order. i'll keep you posted.
Sister's hat is coming along, i think it might even fit and everything, keep your fingers crossed.
i saw a gal working on the alien illusion scarf last night. first thing i did was bust out with how the published pattern didn't work for me and how i changed it. i guess i kinda mauled her. the poor girl didn't say anything. she will probably just keep it the way it is, which is cool. i was just trying to be helpful but i will control myself next time..


Tiffany said...

Yeah!!! I'm proud of you. I'm glad you had a great time.

kat said...

Yeah! Good for you. Glad it turned out to be a good thing.

freakgirl said...

What yahoo group do you belong to?
Thanks for coming over to my Freaky Knitters Unite Blog...
here is the feed:
Its until Bloglines.... I'm having to clean up all the buttons a stuff I like to decorate so it is easier to find:
its late now but I'm going to read up on your blog tomorrow... : )