new work toys

so i am writing you now from my brand spanking new work laptop. thought i would open it up and get things started on it, but there is so much to do it is confusing. my roomie is super helpful about it though.

i got to play World of Warcraft with my friends last night. it was so nice to hear their voices, i may not be able to see them everyday, but at least i can hear their voices and joke around with them. a little homesickness may be setting in but i'm surviving.

got some super helpful info from my california knitter's group about local yarn shops and i can't wait to go check them out. this week will be a big shopping spree at ikea. gonna get a rug for my room, a filing cabinet and possibly dresser. we'll see.

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Sonja said...

Hi brandillion - thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments on my yarns. Yes, they are for sale. Go to www.thankewe.etsy.com to see what I have available now. There will be more added soon.