Once Upon a Time...

once upon a time i was a high school student with a job, a car i had purchased on my own and a little bit of spending money. i decided to treat my mother to dinner and a movie just the two of us. as we were driving through town, there was a woman with a baby and a little girl sitting on a street corner with a sign that read Need Help. it was a rarity in our small community and other than that i took no notice and continued driving. shortly however i noticed my mother crying, which was at that time another rarity.

i didn't know what to think. i thought maybe she was sick and it was a little while before i could get out of her what the problem was. "If it wasn't for your great-grandfather that could have been us!" she said. "I would have been on the corner with three babies." i was stunned. while i knew that we were usually a little strapped for cash, i never knew that it was that bad at one time.

we decided to pull into McDonald's. we bought a happy meal and a big mac meal and turned back their direction. since mom was a wreck i took the food out to them and told the little girl to eat the fries first because they were better hot. mom recovered after that and we continued to our movie (which was a bad choice that day because it ended sadly, just fyi). since my money was spent, we went home for dinner instead of going out like we planned. but it was ok, because we had a place to go and food in the refrigerator.

since, i have been facinated by homeless and i always feel bad for them. i help when i can and feel bad when i can't. today on a busy street corner was a bearded man with a sign. i don't even know what the sign said, i didn't care. he just needed a hand. my windows were open as well as the car beside me and i heard the woman in it tell her daughter not too look at him or he might come over. it made me so angry. what made her so unfeeling?

i had a five in my pocket that i was probably going to spend on cigarettes or candy bars and decided he needed it more than i did. i don't care if he was gonna spend it on drugs, drink or food. i just hope it brought him some relief.

and today, wherever my Gramps is, i hope is is proud of his great-grandchildren and feels his money was well invested. i miss you Gramps and Nonnie. thank you for loving and taking care of us.

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JoanM said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you are feeling more cheery now. I don't have a knitters group, which is why I blog and meet great people.
A "rellie crawl" is like a pub crawl, except you troop around and visit relatives. We Aussies tend to abbreviate a bit.