Una-Knitter spotted in the park

my plan for today was to get my bumper fixed and meet a knitting group in the park. i was super stoked for the whole day.

well it started by raining all night and most of the morning. i began to wonder about the park knit together, but didn't worry about it. went to get the bumper fixed, when i got there just after 9am, the guys to fix it hadn't come in yet but was expected any minute.

so i waited. and waited. and waited a little more.

by 11 he hadn't shown up and i had to take off for the knit together so i made an appointment to bring it back next saturday. good news is i was able to finish (except for weaving the ends in) the alien illusion scarf while i sat on the waiting couch.

took off to the park for the knit together. i wasn't sure where i was supposed to be and no one was there yet. i planted myself and started knitting. i figured my shiny red aluminum 12" needles flashing in the light would serve as a beacon for any knitters in the vicinity.

i only knew of three people involved in the group. two weren't going to make it until noon and another couldn't come due to her mother's heart attack. i wasn't worried though, i figured there were plenty of people involved in the group. doesn't sound so crazy does it? i mean if there are only three people that is more like a knitting few than a knitting group right? i dunno.

anyway, the rain stopped but the weather fluctuated between overcast and chilly and warm and sunny off and on for TWO hours while i sat in the park knitting on my own. hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses una-bomber style. i watched police cars roll by about 10 times and i'm sure they were on there radios... we've sighted suspicious person in balboa park, resembling una-bomber apparently armed with needles and flanked with a herd of aliens.

no one ever showed up. i was the sole crazy knitter in the park. i was very disappointed. i was lonely, but i had a finished alien illusion scarf. i did find all kinds of crazy cool stuff in the park however. there is a huge museum that i am now dying to go to. the san diego herbal group was in the park and the breeze from that direction smelled wonderful. i also watched a fleet of people practicing some kind of martial art and a croquet tournament or something.

anyway after all that i bought some size 7 dpns and circs and began on my sister's snowboarding hat. however, i am beginning to suspect it may be too small, but i have to finish it before i can try it on to know for sure. it is my first hat so it will be a learning experience.

i also bought some yarn that i intend to make the Boobies scarf from knitty for my grandmother. she is an ovarian cancer survivor, but has been involved with women who are breast cancer survivors and i thought she would get a kick out of it, i mean, it has boobies on it, who wouldn't love it?

finished alien illusion scarf! yay me!

sorry about the quality of the pics, i am uploading from a computer i don't usually use for this.


ShannieKnitChic said...

Hi, the pattern for the sunrise circle jacket is actually from the Interweave Knits magazine, spring 2006(I think). If you go to the Interweave website, you can download the pattern, it was a freebie.

Anonymous said...

Brandy (i?) I am soo sorry no one else showed up in the park. I had thought a couple of the die-hards would be there, even though I wasn't able to go. In the weather changes, we don't always have a backup plan. Sometimes we do, for December through February, our rainiest months. Wish you could have met with me at the house; it was warm and I didn't have to move much due to the back strain. This is Bobbi the apologetic.