Happy Turkey day

I am in the frozen north of idaho and getting ready for football and food with my many sisters, grandparents and friends. I wish you all a happy holiday, whether it is ramadan or thanksgiving. I'll post pics soon.


Noro Purse and New Ugly Sweater

so i had a rough day yesterday and my roommate fixed me with shopping. we hit a yard sale where i found this ugly sweater...

it is a wool/acrylic blend and i want to salvage the yarn for a sweater that I like (it is a little big for me so i know i can make a sweater that fits with it). but someone added all these images to it over the top of the sweater and i am taking some time to rip them out this weekend.

my sister's noro purse is coming out ok....

i'm not completely happy with it only because it didn't come out exactly as i intended, but i still like it and bought some satin to line it at JoAnne's but am still trying to figure out which color i like inside it better...

which do you think would go better? blue or wine?


Bad Day

So I am having a bad day. On my way to work this morning I got into a car accident. I'm ok, I walked away, or rather, rode away in the tow truck. My car is in bad shape though. I am home from work today, now as a result of not having a vehicle. Someone is coming this afternoon to check it out and give me some advice.

Wanna see a pic of my car?

this side looks pretty good huh? Well here is the real damage...

see that white under the door? that is my DRIVER'S SEAT. how i am not dead i don't know, but i'm ok. this will be a big issue with my finances, but let me just tell you right now my sister is the best!

speaking of how AWESOME my sister is, i am getting ever closer on her Christmas purse. I have all the pieces made. i will seam them together today, then begin felting...

the baby sweater is finished except for the buttons, so i'll get that done then show you pics... yay pics!


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Remember the hat???

of course you remember the hat. i just talked about it last post. well brace yourself kids... i wrote out what i can remember from the pattern and am about to post my very first pattern to share. now, i didn't take great notes, but think i remember all of it and my sister has already received it and is loving it so i couldn't look at it for reference. if there are issues, i apologize, it is my first and i have learned my lesson about WRITING stuff down. anyway here you go...

i used a DK weight merino wool blend (although i can't find the yarn label to save my life), size 7 dpns and a stitch marker.

cast on 110 sts and work in the round.
p2 * k2 p2 rep from * 27 times to end of round. place marker.
repeat entire round for 6".

begin decreasing...
p2tog * k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p2tog. rep from * to end
p1 * k2 p2 k2 p2 k2 p1. rep from * to end
p1 * k2 p2 k2 p2tog k2 p1. rep from * to end
p1 * k2 p2 k2 p1 k2 p1. rep from * to end
p1 * k2 p2tog k2 p1 k2 p1. rep from * to end
* p1 k2 p1 k2 p1 k2. rep from * to last st. p2tog. move marker
* k2 p1 k2 p1 k2tog p1. rep from * to end
* k2 p1 k2tog p1 k1 p1. rep from * to end
* k2tog p1 k1 p1 k1 p1. rep from * to end
* k1 p1 k1 p1 k2tog. rep from * to end
* k1 p1 k2tog k1. rep from * to end
* k2tog k2. rep from * to end
* k1 k2tog. rep from * to end
* k2tog. rep from * to end
pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in the ends.

now i know what you may be thinking if you read and understand the pattern (i wouldn't have seen it personally), but yes the body of the hat will be in 2x2 ribbing except for one 4 st purl rib. i found it to be hardly noticeable and my sister didn't see it at all. it disappears early on in the decreasing portion gracefully. this is my first pattern written mostly from memory and poor notes, so it is probably riddled with errors. but hey the first and hardest, self wrote pattern is out of the way and they can only get better right?


WIPs, FOs, UFOs and Yarn porn!

i'm back and believe it or not i have been working my little knitting butt completely off. let's start with my finished and semi finished projects.

so here we have my sister's hat in blue. it is finished. i only had to do the top section twice YAY! if you remember i was making it up as i went along and the first time it was coming out completely ugly, but check it out, i think i made it work...

also included in that pic is my finished Grandmother Purl squares the pretty pink rainbow-y stuff. now if i was a much better note taker i would be able to tell you exactly what yarns i used for all of these, but as i am not, i probably can't tell you what most of them are out off. however, i just happen to have some labels lying around so you may find out some of them. the Grandmother Purl squares are Sensations Licorice 100% wool. that was a fun yarn, i loved it and think i would love to get it another time for a felting project.

the last piece in that picture is a baby sweater i started for some friends of mine out of creative knitting, Nov 2006. the pattern called for two contrasting colors, but i like it better solid and it is being made from Bernat Softee Chunky in medium sea green. i am down to one sleeve and buttons to go so i will give you better pictures when it is finished.

now the last week in october, it was revealed to me that because i will be out of the country for christmas, we will exchange gifts on thanksgiving. HELLO! that is only four weeks! however we draw names and only get gifts for one sister, leaving my parents. SO... long story short, i started a gift for my sis. the same sis i made the above blue hat for. i decided to make her a purse out of Noro Kureyon which will be felted. i couldn't get any more of the color i started with (92) so i got several different colors and are bringing them all together...

i am making two circles by creating wedges with short rows and working my way around. as a result, there is a hole in the center of the circle but, i think i kinda like it and who knows what it will do after felting (yes this is my first felting project) and i can always line the bag with some cute silky fabric. i haven't decided what i wanna do for handles yet, any suggestions let me know. i wanna felt it all as one piece.

i also decided i am going to knit the Sexy Ribs Pullover from Big Girl Knits by Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer. i took a picture of the sweater in the book and the pic didn't come out very well so i apologize...

however i am going to seriously modify the pattern. i don't like the two different kinds of ribbing so it is all going to be in 2x2 ribbing so it is more continuous. i am also going to make it a tank without the arms.

now when i went to a yarn store, and picked out a color for it (the wine colored one), they didn't have enough, so i bought a second, blue color and plan to make it stripey...

i have no idea how it will come out. i may hate it, but that is my plan. i can't start it yet as i have to finish the thanksgiving/christmas presents first, but when i get started i promise pics.

also just because other knitting bloggers are kind enough to show pics of their stash, i took a few of my own, yes a few...

oh yeah, work it baby...

you got it going on...

and also, because i am in a desparate situation, here is one more...

i need a swift desparately. this is a yarn i got from Needles n Pinza's yarn stash sale. it is much finer weight than i expected and it is making a huge mess to wind it. wanna give me a swift? i'll take it!

now on non-knitting notes...

i was outside last night and i saw a possum. i have never seen a real possum and it shocked me. it just walked down the top of our fence/concrete wall like it couldn't care less about me. now in idaho, the city roving mammal is the raccoon which i have seen around here, but we don't have possums up there. i was impressed. it's dumb. but i was.

now i have to go shower, and go to Lens Crafters as i broke my glasses last week. i'm gonna load my phone up with the podcasts of Cast On i am waaaay behind in and taking the Noro Purse with me to knit while i wait.

enjoy the three day weekend everyone!