Away at Sea

So I am in the water. In the middle of nowhere. What do I have to say about it? I thought about filling you in on the quirks of the scientists and crew members, or listing all the things that have happened since mid December. But I don't want to do either.

This is the first post of the new year and it should be about knitting. It is only fitting (so totally did not mean to rhyme).

There was a gift exchange on the ship on Christmas day. The plan was $20 or less gifts that indicated where you came from. For instance, hats or t-shirts from your home institution. I lost my gift. It was a coffee mug I won in some of my new employee training. It was perfect. But it is gone.

Instead, with limited time and no store, I used some spare yarn I had brought (oh yes, I brought spare yarn. Because the two sweaters, socks and legwarmers I have planned for my sister were just not enough!) and knit up a book mark. It was garter stitch with yarnover eyelets around the edges. I used stockinette to write UCSD in the garter stitch. Came out OK for making it up as I went along. A little hard to read but once you see it you see it forever. I was afraid it was lame or dorky or the person who got it wouldn't appreciate how little time I had and how FREAKING amazing it was that I got this whipped out in no time. Luckily, it went to the one girl on the ship I was teaching to knit and she thought it was super cool and wants to learn how to do it. I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures. It was only in my hands for two days and I was much to busy knitting the damn thing to put batteries in my camera and take a picture.

I ended up with a chocolate bar. My favorite gift, Edible.

The recycled ugly sweater is coming out swell. As a reminder it is a top down, stockinette raglan. I have completed the body. From about the waist down I put in stockinette cables which I think look damn cool on a stockinette background. I am now working the arms, but I have to use the Magic Loop method, which I absolutely hate, because I don't have smaller 10.5 circ's. I am going to rip them out for the second time tomorrow morning because I decreased waay to fast and looks very funny and pouchy under the arm. Alas the trials of making it up as you go along. To match the waist, I am putting a stockinette on stockinette cable down the length of the arms for continuity. Again, no pictures sorry, but you will all see it when it is finished. My internet connectivity is limited and I couldn't upload pics if I wanted too.

I finished my first pair of socks and they look great. Tweaked the pattern quite a bit in the toe. I think it is because my gauge was off of the patterns requested gauge. But the toes were coming out very pointy and elf-like. I had to nix that. Again pictures at a later date.

On a non knitting note. I have quite a bit of time to more or less myself and I find my mind wandering toward the Man back in Idaho. I was listening to a CD that I bought for a trip the two of us took to Oregon a few years back. It was a great trip. We rented a car and drove to the coast. It rained. We were mellow. We drove a lot. It was the exact definition of a vacation. No worries. No plans. Just us together doing whatever we wanted. I almost cried I missed him so much. God damn the time I have to think on my own.

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