Jelly Fish, Sweaters and New Knitters

Kat mentioned in a previous comment (thank you kat!) about the phosphorescent algae. For the longest time, we were in the deadest part of the S. Pacific Ocean and the seas were dark at night, as most people would expect them to be. However, two nights ago, we passed through a school of jelly fish of some kind that made large green glowing balls in the wake of the ship, almost in the manner of a rave. Since then, the algae has returned in small amounts and is lovely.

The last few days as we head further south have revealed more and more wildlife which is nice because we saw nothing for so long. A shark came poking around the last time we were stationary. A large group of what is called Velella Velella jelly fish (same family as Portuguese Man-Of-Wars) were spotted at sunset and some nematocysts were clinging to some of the gear as it was brought back on deck. My boss received a small sting on the wrist.

Recently humpback whales were spotted in the distance. The next day two Minke whales crossed the path of the ship. They were not playing, but migrating so you only saw the spouts and their dorsal fins, but cool nonetheless. Today as I was working on the back deck I saw an albatross-like bird (could have been an albatross, hell if I can identify any living thing though). However the water temp is cooling down which means no Mahi Mahi to catch and pants, long sleeved shirts and beanie style caps are showing up on everyone.

It is a shame we are getting too cold for Mahi because the food stores are starting to dwindle a little bit. We are probably on our last week of lettuce which is still really impressive considering they haven't received stores since Dec. 1st. We've had almost 6 weeks of fresh vegetables. I don't know how they store it, I think it is magic and I prefer not to ask. Having some fresh caught fish would be a morale booster though.

My sweater is sooo close it is frustrating. I will be wearing it soon. I think I have enough left over to make a hooded sweatshirt style front pocket. I may start wearing it though, knit up the pocket then attach it.

I have taught another unsuspecting victim how to knit and am reminded of the Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) book "Meditations for Women who Knit too much". There is one short story about "missionary" work. I guess that is one reason for my existence, to spread Wool's Good Word.


deciBel Hertz said...

I hypothesized the other day that Mark (the cook) sold his soul and promised to play Prince at every meal as long as the lettuce lasted. Seems to be a good working theory, so far.

kat said...

oh the tricks to keeping food fresh at sea! i never had to do it for long but spent many hours reading lin & larry pardys books on how to.