So the sleeves on my current sweater HATE me and the feeling is completely reciprocated. Well I guess i don't hate it per se but we definitely are not working together as smoothly as we could be. One of the difficulties of making up a pattern as you go is that you have to rip things out many many times. I ripped the sleeves out twice. I put a cable down the top and found out after 8 rows that I put it in the wrong place. The good news is I learned to fix cables by dropping stitches and re-knitting them up then dropping the stitches where I want them to be and knitting them back up there. I believe this is going to come in handy because I am unhappy with the cables on the body of the sweater and think I may remove half of them. The stitches are just pulled to tightly. Anyway, I have to find another way to finish the bottom of the sweater. I am unhappy with the way that it curls, but I don't want ribs... suggestions welcome... anybody?... anybody?

Back to the sleeves. I forgot to bring smaller sized circ's or dpns for the sleeves so I am having to pull out loops of circ cable every third of a row and start all over. It slows me down. I am frustrated that is slows me down and I quit knitting slowing me down even further. On the other hand, once I remove every other cable on the body, it will fit nicely.


kat said...

if you don't wannt to do a rib to stop the curling how about just a few rows of garter? seems a shame to have to add that but when you don't want curlign i'm not sure what else to do :(

Cheryl O said...

I'm picturing something simple to keep the sweater from rolling. My first idea was a rib, but I think it would detract from the beautiful cable pattern. I'll look through some of my books for an idea.