I hate washing fleece

...ok this washing, carding and probably spinning thing is not for me. I washed some of the fleece I bought in New Zealand. I don't like this. Does anyone want some raw wool? I only washed a portion of it. You can have it. If you wanted to spin it up then give it back to me, I wouldn't say no, but you don't have to.

damn I hated that.

more socks and leg warmers

they are coming along... i sent leg warmer sister this photo to make sure she didn't hate the pattern i came up with (she knows they are coming, she asked for them). my only concern is they may be too tight around. I wanted them slightly baggy, but as the skinny jean trend is coming back (dear god I shall hide under a rock for the next ten years) maybe she will like them a little snug. more like knee-high footless socks i guess.

i have developed a knitting method. while i am on public transit, i knit the socks for sister 1 and when i am watching tv at home i knit the leg warmers for sister 3. the heel of the socks have been turned. I have again severely altered a pattern and I think it might be different enough that I will after it is finished and working put the pattern up here.

the biggest differences are it is much shorter, my sister is a little more ample and so i added a few extra stitches and made the heel flap longer.

i was fiddling around with the Paton's SWS i bought recently. I love the way it feels and I just want to touch it. I tried out a lace pattern in the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year book, but it didn't turn out like I wanted it so ripped it out. I'm thinking a lacy scarf, but I want to find just the right pattern for it. I want it to be light and soft, but I haven't found it just yet.


Valentine's Day, Socks and Leg Warmers

Let's start with the negative so we can end on the positive shall we?

Valentine's Day... I know, I know, you hate it, you love it... who cares about that right now. It could very easily be any other day for me today. No one to talk about it with at home so no reminders there and I only saw like 3 co-workers today and they didn't mention it. It wasn't till I was on my public transit route home and I saw all the nice men with pink and red balloons, bears and bags for their loved ones at home that I realized I was unhappy with today.

I could call the love of my life, but do I want to find out that he is busy, has plans with someone else? No I definitely don't. I will call him tomorrow I guess.

Now I am over Valentine's day and on to discuss my knitting. I took the public transit today and was asked 4 times what I was making. And by people who seemed genuinely interested in my sister's feet and altered pattern details.

I am nearly finished with the heel flap I think and got most of that done on the bus.

Last night I made significant progress on the leg warmers as well although sorting out the cable pattern in the round took me a few tries.


rated YYY for Yarn Yarn Yarn! minors beware!

so i am back from new zealand and though it was wonderful, i don't have much to say about it. instead i want to talk about wool. wonderful wonderful wool. i thought when i went to new zealand that wool yarn would be easy to find. i mean, sheep outnumber people 12 to 1. but it was almost impossible. every yarn shop i found was selling things i could get in the states. i was very disappointed. in my frustration i did kinda of a crazy desperate thing. i bought raw fleece. not much just a plastic grocery bag full.

here's the thing about that, i don't know how to clean it or card it or spin it. don't have carders or a spindle of any kind. oh well, i guess i'll just have to figure that out.

i must have sounded pretty desperate at a visitor center i went to because a women walked me to her house and sold me her handspun yarn out of her shed!

i bought nearly 800 grams of the natural one which is a merino/alpaca mix and just the one ball of the blue/green one which is a possum/merino mix. apparently possum is huge in new zealand and is used in a lot of there sweaters. it is really really soft so eh... possum, who knew?

i did manage to find some small skeins of new zealand wool yarn in a yarn shop and started a beanie for my room mate.

now down to today. i have no self control. i went to michael's because i was having no luck at joanne's finding the yarn that i wanted to make leg warmers for my sister. she wanted something in a natural color. well at michael's (which was having a sale by the way) i found this...

yes... all of that. the classic wool merino was on sale so i bought 10 skeins. a little ridiculous. 4 of the natural color, 4 deep olive because it is gorgeous, 2 in denim marl, two of rumor in hibiscus heather because it felt lovely, 4 patons sws because well... have you felt it??? and a couple of lion brand wool-ease thick and quick in case the leggings don't work out, then i will use some thicker yarn to try again then hopefully it will go faster :)

here are the leg warmers started. i also recently bought 365 knitting stitches a year and decided the front of the leg warmers will be the braided cable from november 19th.

i also started a pair of socks for another sister from some cascade 220 i found in my stash.

they will look just like the ones i finished recently that you never saw... well here you go!