more socks and leg warmers

they are coming along... i sent leg warmer sister this photo to make sure she didn't hate the pattern i came up with (she knows they are coming, she asked for them). my only concern is they may be too tight around. I wanted them slightly baggy, but as the skinny jean trend is coming back (dear god I shall hide under a rock for the next ten years) maybe she will like them a little snug. more like knee-high footless socks i guess.

i have developed a knitting method. while i am on public transit, i knit the socks for sister 1 and when i am watching tv at home i knit the leg warmers for sister 3. the heel of the socks have been turned. I have again severely altered a pattern and I think it might be different enough that I will after it is finished and working put the pattern up here.

the biggest differences are it is much shorter, my sister is a little more ample and so i added a few extra stitches and made the heel flap longer.

i was fiddling around with the Paton's SWS i bought recently. I love the way it feels and I just want to touch it. I tried out a lace pattern in the 365 Knitting Stitches a Year book, but it didn't turn out like I wanted it so ripped it out. I'm thinking a lacy scarf, but I want to find just the right pattern for it. I want it to be light and soft, but I haven't found it just yet.

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