rated YYY for Yarn Yarn Yarn! minors beware!

so i am back from new zealand and though it was wonderful, i don't have much to say about it. instead i want to talk about wool. wonderful wonderful wool. i thought when i went to new zealand that wool yarn would be easy to find. i mean, sheep outnumber people 12 to 1. but it was almost impossible. every yarn shop i found was selling things i could get in the states. i was very disappointed. in my frustration i did kinda of a crazy desperate thing. i bought raw fleece. not much just a plastic grocery bag full.

here's the thing about that, i don't know how to clean it or card it or spin it. don't have carders or a spindle of any kind. oh well, i guess i'll just have to figure that out.

i must have sounded pretty desperate at a visitor center i went to because a women walked me to her house and sold me her handspun yarn out of her shed!

i bought nearly 800 grams of the natural one which is a merino/alpaca mix and just the one ball of the blue/green one which is a possum/merino mix. apparently possum is huge in new zealand and is used in a lot of there sweaters. it is really really soft so eh... possum, who knew?

i did manage to find some small skeins of new zealand wool yarn in a yarn shop and started a beanie for my room mate.

now down to today. i have no self control. i went to michael's because i was having no luck at joanne's finding the yarn that i wanted to make leg warmers for my sister. she wanted something in a natural color. well at michael's (which was having a sale by the way) i found this...

yes... all of that. the classic wool merino was on sale so i bought 10 skeins. a little ridiculous. 4 of the natural color, 4 deep olive because it is gorgeous, 2 in denim marl, two of rumor in hibiscus heather because it felt lovely, 4 patons sws because well... have you felt it??? and a couple of lion brand wool-ease thick and quick in case the leggings don't work out, then i will use some thicker yarn to try again then hopefully it will go faster :)

here are the leg warmers started. i also recently bought 365 knitting stitches a year and decided the front of the leg warmers will be the braided cable from november 19th.

i also started a pair of socks for another sister from some cascade 220 i found in my stash.

they will look just like the ones i finished recently that you never saw... well here you go!

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Yarngineer said...

I went to Australia and NZ on my honeymoon and had the same experience. The best place I went to was the old Univ of Canterbury in Christchurch, where the local knitting and spinning guild sell their handspun. I refused to buy possum yarn, because possums are scary looking in person. Agh! :P