Valentine's Day, Socks and Leg Warmers

Let's start with the negative so we can end on the positive shall we?

Valentine's Day... I know, I know, you hate it, you love it... who cares about that right now. It could very easily be any other day for me today. No one to talk about it with at home so no reminders there and I only saw like 3 co-workers today and they didn't mention it. It wasn't till I was on my public transit route home and I saw all the nice men with pink and red balloons, bears and bags for their loved ones at home that I realized I was unhappy with today.

I could call the love of my life, but do I want to find out that he is busy, has plans with someone else? No I definitely don't. I will call him tomorrow I guess.

Now I am over Valentine's day and on to discuss my knitting. I took the public transit today and was asked 4 times what I was making. And by people who seemed genuinely interested in my sister's feet and altered pattern details.

I am nearly finished with the heel flap I think and got most of that done on the bus.

Last night I made significant progress on the leg warmers as well although sorting out the cable pattern in the round took me a few tries.

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Yarngineer said...

I went to Australia and NZ on my honeymoon. I had the same problem. The best place I went to was the old Univ of Canterbury campus in Christchurch. The local knitting and spinning guild sell handspun there. I refused to buy possum wool, because possums are too scary in person. Agh! :P