Family, Knitting and Presents

St. Patty's weekend was great. Seattle weather was exactly as to be expected, rained every time we were out of doors and stopped every time we were indoors. Typical and I loved it. I really miss the rain down in San Diego, but it has been raining this morning in San Diego, YAY!

I passed out knitted items like Santa Claus this weekend. Sister 3's leg warmers...

and shawl...

and sister 1's purple socks.

They loved them, I think (sister 3 is a teenager and I don't know how excited she ever looks). Sister 1 wore her socks all weekend. One of my aunts got cold over the weekend and put the leg warmers on her arms. I think they look pretty good there too. Sister 2 borrowed my new Danica scarf for a while too.

My sisters taught me a drinking game called King's Cup. I had a blast and remember the entire evening so I must have been winning. Sister 2 doesn't remember a good portion of the night and went jogging the next day on a belly full o'booze on St. Patty's Day morning. It is a good thing we are such nice sisters, we didn't let her do anything crazy.

St. Patty's Day included quiches for breakfast, shopping, corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes for dinner (my favorite) and an evening out at a bar called McFinster's in Edmonds, WA. We were decked out in the green too. Over-sized felt hats, boas, green glowing accessories and green beer (of course the novelty wore off after the first two pitchers and we switched to real beer).

My aunt was totally scamming on one of the bartenders and got him to take of his jacket. Gotta tell ya, HOT! Green A-shirt and suspenders and big, broad shoulders. She also walked away with his green beer mug goggles. She kinda got a little embarrassing, not just because she is my Aunt, I could care less about that, but her behavior towards this hot guy was not super. Oh well, we'll blame the green beer.

My jaw started aching last week. I thought it was from chewing too much gum while I quit bringing cigarettes to work, so I quit chewing gum. Unfortunately the pain just built up until Sunday. I spent Sunday lying on the couch with my face on a heating pad. My mom gave me a muscle relaxer she takes for her back but it only succeeded in wiping me out. The heating pad helped but whenever I would step away from it the pain would return.

I went to a dentist and got a referral for a specialist. The dentist says my jaw is crooked. Yuck, we'll see what the specialist can do.

So I got my spindle from eBay while I was away and got to playing with it. I spun some of the fiber that came with it and it was terrible, very uneven, but then got to playing around with some of the fleece that I did get around to washing and did much better...

It got me inspired to wash some more of it, even though, I hated it. I'll give it another go. :)

I also received presents (YAY). One of the gals I taught to knit on my last cruise sent me some thank you presents. Two necklaces that I think she made herself. The first is totally perfect for the geologist in me (I did get my degree in that after all), it has crystalline pyrite on it and is green granite... love it...

and the other is onyx I believe...

Now I'm not much of a necklace wearer but I will probably make an exception for such a perfectly geeky and original work of art!


Murphy's gonna getcha

Spent St. Patty's Day weekend in Seattle with my family. Had a great time. I am recognizable by my scarf and glasses. You may notice a few of the items I knit in some of those pictures.


Branching Out

Branching out begins to take shape!


Scarf Blocked... YAY

So one of the super duper gals in my knitting group took home my entrelac scarf to block for me and it came out wonderfully, Thank You!...

I also received some Noro Silk Garden I bought on Ebay to make the Morestripes vest on knitty.com for myself...

I finished a shawl for sister 3 that has been sitting in a box for over a year tonight at the group. I'll take a picture of it on her because it is weird and doesn't make much sense unless it is on a body. I'll be seeing her this weekend.

St. Patrick's day in Seattle with one of the biggest Irish clans this side of the Mississippi. Ok not really true. Yeah we have Irish blood, and a lot of it, but are big mutts and lost most of our heritage as we became pretty much Americans. But with my job at sea, many holidays don't get to see much of my family congregated anymore. So since most of the family is around, we are making St. Patrick's day a big deal. And really who would be disappointed in a weekend full of corned beef, games and beer? Sounds like a perfect holiday to me. Oh yeah and I talked teenage sister 3 into going yarn shopping with me. It just doesn't get any more festive for me :)

On a non knitting note, I got an email today from Dave and Chub Creek. My day has been made and I have a great weekend to look forward too. Gotta go to bed but sooo excited :)


busy busy busy

So last weekend, Roomie and I put up some drywall, yay...

Then I made some stitch markers, aren't they pretty?

Last night I untangled that purple mess you may remember from another day...

However, pulling from the middle resulted in another knot that broke the yarn so i will have to pull from the outside.

I have begun a KAL for the Branching out Scarf on Knitty.com but I don't have any images of that for you yet, I also finished Sister 3's leg warmers and I'll post a pic of that soon.

I also did some housecleaning and found several unfinished objects that are now in my knitting basket.

I am getting ready for next weekend's visit with my family. Started packing and finishing up some movies that I have been working on to give my parents for over a year. Last year was their 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make these movies a gift for that, but it took much longer than I thought to get pictures from everybody.


Pictures as promised

I am not a liar I have actually been knitting and like a mad-woman no less. I completed my sister's purple socks...

aren't they purty?

I also have the completed leg-warmer and the beginning of another...

also I have been struggling with a pattern for Paton's SWS which I am absolutely in love with, however it doesn't frog well and I have restarted different things with it too many times. If this next one didn't work I was gonna have to cut out a significant portion of the yarn and toss it. That was gonna make me cry.

Well thanks to the lovely blogger at Storm Moon Knits I was inspired to try the Danica scarf from Knitty.com and I am so happy with it that I think Jon Jon might just stab me with one of my needles if I bring it up again. I love it! It is my first attempt at entrelac which scared the buh-jeezes out of me and I am loving it. One of the nice things about it is that the color change is enough that each square looks different, but gradual enough that the backside looks just as good, take a look...

Not long ago I was being laughed at for wearing a scarf at work. But the more I think about it a scarf is like the perfect article of clothing. You can wrap it around a cold head, or neck or both if it is long enough. You can wear it as a belt, or just something pretty around your shoulders. In addition to all that, an outfit (ha! as if I had enough style to wear outfits!) can be completely changed by the addition, subtraction or substitution of a scarf.

Now after I had this epiphany about the awesomeness that is scarf-dom, I realized I don't have a single one of all the scarves I have ever knit. They have ALL been gifted. This must be rectified and as a result, this lovely delicious super soft scarf will be all mine. I will even block it. That is how dedicated I am to the cause.

The Topic of this Blog

So I think most of you are aware that quitting smoking didn't work for me last time. Well I have decided it is time to try again. However, I am working it in stages. I thought I would try to stop at work, then move on to daylight hours on the weekend, then evenings. I smoke after/during particular cues, like when my boss goes to smoke, when I am on the phone, when I am between projects and I thought this might help me break those individual cues at work. I don't know if it is a good plan or not, but for the last week I have not had a cigarette at work. I don't bring them with me at all. Now I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but I am able to make it through the day without bumming them from somebody else by thinking about the one I will have when I get home.

I will be buying patches not for next weekend when I move to the next stage. I am going to visit family the following weekend and want to get through that weekend without sneaking outside for cigarettes.

I have been knitting quite a bit lately. I knit on the bus to and from work every day and usually for a few hours over the weekend. I have finished the socks for sister #1 one of the leg warmers for sister #2. I have already taken photos, but don't have my camera with me so I will share that with you this weekend.