busy busy busy

So last weekend, Roomie and I put up some drywall, yay...

Then I made some stitch markers, aren't they pretty?

Last night I untangled that purple mess you may remember from another day...

However, pulling from the middle resulted in another knot that broke the yarn so i will have to pull from the outside.

I have begun a KAL for the Branching out Scarf on Knitty.com but I don't have any images of that for you yet, I also finished Sister 3's leg warmers and I'll post a pic of that soon.

I also did some housecleaning and found several unfinished objects that are now in my knitting basket.

I am getting ready for next weekend's visit with my family. Started packing and finishing up some movies that I have been working on to give my parents for over a year. Last year was their 25th wedding anniversary and I wanted to make these movies a gift for that, but it took much longer than I thought to get pictures from everybody.

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Cheryl O said...

crap crap crap! I'm still trying to figure out what yarn to buy for the KAL!!
Will take care of it at lunch.