just a quick note...

30 days, 23 hours, 4 minutes and 29 seconds smoke free.
217 cigarettes not smoked.
$57.75 and 1 day, 15 hours of your life saved.

My parents are in town, but thought I would pass this along before I am too busy to post.

Branching out continues slowly because I only knit a few rows before bed. However tonight I learned something new as I was working on it. A sl2-k1-p2sso is a three stitch decrease that doesn't lean any direction if you slip the two stitches together. I was slipping them individually resulting in a left slanting decrease looking almost exactly like a sl1-k2tog-psso. So when you sl2, you slip them together folks. I won't go back and fix it because this is the third time I started it and I just don't care enough to change it :)

EDIT: This picture really isn't even close to accurate in color. It is a light, spring kinda green. Not all icky like this pic. I took it in the near dark at bedtime :)


Blocked cardigan and Branching Out Again

Progress on Hunter's Cardigan continues. I have completed and blocked the back and both front halves. I'll start the sleeves next.

I have also restarted the Branching Out scarf. This time in some TLC Cotton Plus. I like the looks of this better than anything else I started so far. I am using size 5s.


Dirty Jobs?

I came home to a package today. A DVD of Dirty Jobs ( I LOVE YOU MIKE ROWE!!!!). There was no name attached but I have a pretty good idea who sent it.

Thank YOU!

EDIT: I have no idea who sent it. Was it you? Please let me know!

Whirlwind tour of Asia

So it is more or less official. I have picked out an itinerary and it will be purchased next week. In June I will be meeting the ship again. Stopping in Seoul, South Korea to spend the night I will continue on to meet the big boat in Phuket, Thailand. On my return journey home in August, I'll get off the ship in the Maldives, layover in Singapore and spend the night in Tokyo before returning to the states. I'm tired and it hasn't even started yet.

Does anyone know where I can pick up a little of many languages?

I think I will need some socks to create on this journey. Probably the brand spanking new Naga Socks pattern. Let's see. I'll need sock yarn and needles... boy I can't wait until payday!

PS... it is raining in San Diego. If I had my umbrella I would be stoked. I love the rain.


Knitting Single?

Why can't I find an online group of single knitters? I actually started one last year on Yahoo! groups, figuring I would build it up when I had the time. But I never did have the time and when someone actually tried to join I realized that I couldn't moderate it and deleted the group.

Now I have nothing against mommies. I love mommies. I want to be one of you. However, constant reminders of how great your child is, how happy you are to be a mommy/daddy only painfully reminds me that there are no children in my foreseeable future. I can't even have any pets. I'll have to flush my two sea monkeys the next time I head to sea if they last that long.

Being married, also cool. I did it once. I got nothing against married couples. However, I'm lonely. It is super fantastic that you have someone waiting for you at home. Also super fantastic you have to leave because you promised him he wouldn't have to spend more than an hour away from you. I'm going home to my bed full of knitting projects. They don't miss me as much as I would like.

I can handle these things. And I really enjoy seeing/visiting/knowing the parents and married knitters. But wouldn't it be cool to have a place to visit where I'm not gonna be reminded of what a lonely failure I am? The online knitting community is so vast, there has got to be room for a little corner where single knitters could meet other single knitters. Not necessarily in the same area of the world or looking to "hook-up" (though I gotta admit, if I met a single, knitting male he would have to beat me off with a stick), just a place where I'm understood. I'm not looking to exclude anybody, I'm just looking to meet some new folks in particular in addition to all the other wonderful knitters I know.

Someone out there wanna start one up? I'll be the first to join.


Bus Ride Musings

Your Quit Date is: 3/26/2007
Time Smoke-Free: 23 days, 20 hours, 42 minutes and 50 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 167
Lifetime Saved: 1 day, 6 hours
Money Saved: $44.28

  1. if the bus driver doesn't know how to punch a transfer right, you are out the next morning's bus fare and there is not a damn thing you can do about it. please, standardize your training or make a system wide automation
  2. don't forget headphones. i have a bad habit of eavesdropping, i can't stop and i know it is wrong. BRING HEADPHONES. sometimes there is stuff that you just don't want to hear.
  3. don't forget knitting. i also have a staring problem.
  4. when knitting stuffed animals on the bus, bring some stuffing, or extra needles. or both
  5. you know what, don't knit stuffed animals on the bus.
  6. put mailboxes at transit centers. who is that inconvenient for? nobody.
  7. San Diego must have gotten some so-brand-spanking-new-
  8. they-are-still-displaying-their-dogtags, navy boys lately. saw a bus full of them dressed for a night on the town. i didn't know whether to laugh, cry or eat my hair ala Crazy Aunt Purl
  9. saw a knitter this morning. she was on another platform and my hands were full of donut and coffee, so I couldn't chat or flash my needles at her. I'm still stoked. it was the first person i saw knitting on public transit beside myself.
p.s. please ignore the knitting stuffed animals thing. if you ask me about it I will deny it. maybe i will clarify in the future


Nor'Easters and Gunshots

Our thoughts are with you Virginia.


I bought some yarn... But just a little I swear!

20 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes and 15 seconds smoke free.
143 cigarettes not smoked.
$38.50 and 1 day, 2 hours of your life saved.
Your quit date: 3/26/2007

I went to Micheal's yesterday and I made a small yarn purchase. Only a little one I swear! I bought three balls of Cotton Ease to make a cardigan for a friends new baby (From hereafter deemed Hunter's Cardigan). They just found out it would be a boy and these three colors were right there sitting next to a pattern sheet that would be perfect. It was meant to be I tell you.

Work continues on my own cardigan. The real reason I went to Micheal's yesterday was I needed an extra set of size 7 circs, a needle gauge because I lost mine and a few extra balls of Paton's Classic Merino if I could find them in the right dyelot. It worked out perfect I found one skein in each dyelot I needed.

Last night I would not let myself set the pattern down until I got to join the body portion. There is a point in a top down raglan pattern just before you join the body, where you are knitting front, back and each sleeve and each row takes ages! But I forced myself through it last night and now I am on the body. YaY me!

I haven't been painting and I'm sad about it. I started one since I moved to California but I lost inspiration on it. It had been sitting in the living room staring at me and this weekend I decided that painting was not going to happen and I prepped the canvas with Gesso for a new painting in the future. I'm thinking starfish and octopus.

Monday I met Susan at my regular knitting group. It was cool because I had been reading her blog for a few weeks and when I showed up at group, I was like, "Hey, I know you!" Anyway, she agreed with me that one night a week was just not enough social knitting and so we went to a coffee place on Thursday night as well. We had a good time and I look forward to doing it again.

I spent some time on the phone with a dear friend of mine in Puerto Rico as well. I miss her so much. It was so great just to hear her voice.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.


Book Polygamy

So I am a book polygamist very much like I am a knitting polygamist. I cannot commit to one book any more than I can commit to one knitting project at a time. I have several books started at one time and it therefore takes me ages to finish one. Well I did it, I finished one and not a little one either.

I read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I am a big Jane Austen fan and have read Pride and Prejudice so many times I am starting to wear holes in the corners were I turn the pages. I came across Mansfield Park at a bookstore when I was traveling through New Zealand. It was one I had neither read nor seen in a movie and so I snatched it up.

I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy Pride and Prejudice but it was good. I suggest it for any Austen fans that haven't read it.

This leaves me free to finish Reading Lolita in Tehran which I started way back in probably November and set it down for my cruise never to return. It is a very good book, I just have commitment problems :). It makes me want to go back and read Lolita again. I didn't see the same things in it that the women in the Tehran book did and I want to go back and see if I can see in it what they do.

I am also reading Knit 1 Kill 2 which is a murder mystery involving knitters, but it really isn't great. I can't recommend it no matter how much you love knitting. Unless you really love cheesy mystery novels.

Recently I also finished Knitting Under the Influence. This book had great things about it, knitting (though almost really a side note), alcohol and sex in the lives of three different women. It ends predictably and everybody is happy in the end. Again, it was ok but not great.


New Cardigan Project and a New Scarf Project

Time Smoke-Free:16 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes and 22 seconds
Cigarettes not smoked:115
Lifetime Saved 21 hours
Money Saved: $30.80

I started a top-down raglan cardigan based on the one at this site. I am doing it a little differently because it will have much fewer stripes and I am knitting back and forth from front band to front band so I won't have to steek, (less finishing right?). It is being created in Paton's Classic Merino because I have several skeins in several different colors so it will be striped, but not so many. I'm thinking fewer, wider stripes around the chest area and upper arms.

I also started the Kureopatora's Snake Scarf in Paton's SWS which I find a little scratchy wrapped around my neck, but I have enough in different colors for several scarves so I'll just keep making scarves. Besides, if I don't wrap it tightly or where a shirt with a higher collar between the scarf and I it isn't a problem and I really do like the colors, in the SWS. However I am beginning to like knitting with it less and less. It splits terribly, doesn't rip out easily and the more it slides through my hands the more fuzzy it gets. Kinda frustrating and I probably won't use it again after I finish up with what is in my stash.

I restarted the Branching out Scarf in Caron Simply Soft. Not because this is a yarn that I thought would show of the pattern well, but because it is what I had around. I am too broke to go yarn shopping this month *sigh* but we all know I would spend more money then I should if I did so it is a stash busting project I guess. Now that I know about my crazy knitting, all my decreases are slanting the right way and it looks much better.

Last of all thought you might all enjoy this pic.

This is my bed, office, movie theater, knitting spot and yes, sometimes my dinner table. Now the stuff on the left side of the bed, that is usually moved to my computer chair come bedtime. But the stuff on the right side of the bed, yarn, knitting books and magazines and other random stuff will stay. I sleep with half my bed covered in Stuff. It is a damn good thing I am currently without lover because there is no more room in this bed!


Obsessed with Harry Potter much???

So soon to be released is Charmed Knits, knitting patterns based on the Harry Potter series. A knit-a-long is being begun for this book and in preparation for the book 7 and movie 5 releases in July. There is also and HP sock KAL.

I am so freaking jealous. KALs are almost impossible for me to participate in because of all the time work sends me out of the country.

This year, I will be gone ALL SUMMER LONG! I leave in June and return in August only to leave again in September. I had to pull out of a pass-along scarf project which i am super bummed about. I will also be missing the Deathly Hallows (HP book 7) in July and the Order of the Phoenix movie release. I am more bummed about this than I was about missing Christmas last year.

I plan to buy Charmed Knits anyway. My sister is going to buy Deathly Hallows while I am away and give it to me when I return (she's sweet!). I just hope the movie is still in theaters at the very end of August. Maybe I can catch an English version of the movie in Tokyo! Of course I will only be passing through, but if the layover is long enough for a movie...

EDIT: Lovely lovely lovely Mandy has taken pity on me and volunteered to be my HP sock Fairy! I love you Mandy!

I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Anyone else interested, here is the KAL or check the link on the right if you just wanna get sorted and find out what house you would be in.


I promised didn't I?

Your Quit Date is: 3/26/2007
Time Smoke-Free: 12 days, 18 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds
Cigarettes NOT smoked: 90
Lifetime Saved: 16 hours
Money Saved: $14.70

So I promised pics and here they are...

my finished Calorimetry although this is before weaving in the ends

also here is the morestripes before I frogged it. I just don't like how bright the two Silk Gardens are together so it is a goner.

Also I finished one of the coolest things I will ever make but can't show pics cuz it is a surprise for a friend of mine and although he said he doesn't read the blog because there is too much knitting content, he totally does.


Thanks Guys!!

I started this blog and picked up knitting again to help me quit smoking in Spring of '06. It didn't help. And now I am quitting again. This time will be much more successful. And I can tell you why.

The timing as been almost absolutely perfect. Almost every time I wanted a cigarette the last few days and I go online to distract myself I have a message or comment from my blog. Some are words of encouragement and they help! They really do. Even the folks who comment on something else help. This is because I know there is one more person out there who knows I am quitting and will know if I fail. I am going to do my best not to disappoint! I need to find some kind of ticker for quitting smoking I think. Thank you so much to all of you who wrote me a few lines this week. It made a big difference.!

photos this weekend


Warning... **Technical Knitting Content Follows**

So I discovered this week, thanks to a new gal at my knitting group, that I knit differently. Surprise surprise... we all knit a little differently, but it was causing me some issues recently.

So what I do is whether I knit or purl I always pull my yarn up between the two needles. The means I am wrapping the yarn clockwise for a purl stitch and counter-clockwise for a knit stitch. What I now understand "most" other people do is wrap the yarn clockwise for both knit and purl stitches. This means no matter whether one is knitting or purling the stitches all slant the same direction.

The way I do it, they slant opposite directions. I love this because it makes it sooo simple to read my stitches and tell whether I knit or purl the previous row and if it is ribbing or stockinette, it shows me what to do next. I can knit while walking, talking, reading and watching TV and I think a lot of it is I can feel what direction the stitches are with my fingers and I know whether a purl or knit is next, excluding complicated lace patterns of course.

This is a problem in only one way. It affects my decreases. For instance, in my world a k2tog slants to the left (the opposite of what it should), except in the round it slants to the right (another weird side effect of the way I knit, they slant differently in the round than they do back and forth).

I tried the "usual" way today. I am knitting a neck gaiter, 120 sts back and forth and did two rows. Of course I was slowed down because the motion was not what I was used to, but I don't like it and am going back to "my" way. I can make a decrease slant whatever direction a pattern wants, I'm just going to have to think about what they really want, a left or right slanting decrease, then I will be fine :)

On another note, I started Morestripes from knitty.com and hated the way my two different noro silk gardens looked together. I did it their way, then made the stripes wider and I still hated it. So forget that. I'll have to find something else for that noro, but I will still probably make Morestripes, but with two different solid colors instead. Probably Patons Classic Merino.

I completed Calorimetry from Knitty.com except for weaving in the ends. After I do I will take pictures and post them for you.

10 days, no cigarettes!