Book Polygamy

So I am a book polygamist very much like I am a knitting polygamist. I cannot commit to one book any more than I can commit to one knitting project at a time. I have several books started at one time and it therefore takes me ages to finish one. Well I did it, I finished one and not a little one either.

I read Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. I am a big Jane Austen fan and have read Pride and Prejudice so many times I am starting to wear holes in the corners were I turn the pages. I came across Mansfield Park at a bookstore when I was traveling through New Zealand. It was one I had neither read nor seen in a movie and so I snatched it up.

I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoy Pride and Prejudice but it was good. I suggest it for any Austen fans that haven't read it.

This leaves me free to finish Reading Lolita in Tehran which I started way back in probably November and set it down for my cruise never to return. It is a very good book, I just have commitment problems :). It makes me want to go back and read Lolita again. I didn't see the same things in it that the women in the Tehran book did and I want to go back and see if I can see in it what they do.

I am also reading Knit 1 Kill 2 which is a murder mystery involving knitters, but it really isn't great. I can't recommend it no matter how much you love knitting. Unless you really love cheesy mystery novels.

Recently I also finished Knitting Under the Influence. This book had great things about it, knitting (though almost really a side note), alcohol and sex in the lives of three different women. It ends predictably and everybody is happy in the end. Again, it was ok but not great.

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alice said...

i'm a little more than halfway through knitting under the influence... and honestly, i just can't bring myself to finish it. now mind you, this is coming from a girl who loves chick lit (it def. has its time and place) but i dunno... only one of the characters is really interesting to me (the special ed teacher) and i'm just not that interested. i'm sure i'll finish it at some point... but i'm gonna finish "confessions of an ugly step sister" first :)