Knitting Single?

Why can't I find an online group of single knitters? I actually started one last year on Yahoo! groups, figuring I would build it up when I had the time. But I never did have the time and when someone actually tried to join I realized that I couldn't moderate it and deleted the group.

Now I have nothing against mommies. I love mommies. I want to be one of you. However, constant reminders of how great your child is, how happy you are to be a mommy/daddy only painfully reminds me that there are no children in my foreseeable future. I can't even have any pets. I'll have to flush my two sea monkeys the next time I head to sea if they last that long.

Being married, also cool. I did it once. I got nothing against married couples. However, I'm lonely. It is super fantastic that you have someone waiting for you at home. Also super fantastic you have to leave because you promised him he wouldn't have to spend more than an hour away from you. I'm going home to my bed full of knitting projects. They don't miss me as much as I would like.

I can handle these things. And I really enjoy seeing/visiting/knowing the parents and married knitters. But wouldn't it be cool to have a place to visit where I'm not gonna be reminded of what a lonely failure I am? The online knitting community is so vast, there has got to be room for a little corner where single knitters could meet other single knitters. Not necessarily in the same area of the world or looking to "hook-up" (though I gotta admit, if I met a single, knitting male he would have to beat me off with a stick), just a place where I'm understood. I'm not looking to exclude anybody, I'm just looking to meet some new folks in particular in addition to all the other wonderful knitters I know.

Someone out there wanna start one up? I'll be the first to join.


Kara said...

I agree. Let's get our single knitting on! ;)

vagabond bettie said...

I'm in. I'll send an SOS to the Betties. There's a few singles there in SFLA. There's a funny story in the new Yarn Harlot book about a single gal who when she goes on a first date, pulls out her knitting about half way through (something easy that she doesn't have to pay attention to)and keeps the conversation going. She decides if the guy gets a second date by his reaction. Me... I'm not going there. The dates are few and far between lately so I'm more into making sure I get to date #2 and not the other way around. Now that's BAD!

Emily said...

I'm in, too! I have a cat, and he's a good masseuse, but, well.. :)

Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh. Particularly the part about finding a single man knitter. Amen to that! I have a kid but the not being married part I totally understand. I hope you can get a little group going.