New Cardigan Project and a New Scarf Project

Time Smoke-Free:16 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes and 22 seconds
Cigarettes not smoked:115
Lifetime Saved 21 hours
Money Saved: $30.80

I started a top-down raglan cardigan based on the one at this site. I am doing it a little differently because it will have much fewer stripes and I am knitting back and forth from front band to front band so I won't have to steek, (less finishing right?). It is being created in Paton's Classic Merino because I have several skeins in several different colors so it will be striped, but not so many. I'm thinking fewer, wider stripes around the chest area and upper arms.

I also started the Kureopatora's Snake Scarf in Paton's SWS which I find a little scratchy wrapped around my neck, but I have enough in different colors for several scarves so I'll just keep making scarves. Besides, if I don't wrap it tightly or where a shirt with a higher collar between the scarf and I it isn't a problem and I really do like the colors, in the SWS. However I am beginning to like knitting with it less and less. It splits terribly, doesn't rip out easily and the more it slides through my hands the more fuzzy it gets. Kinda frustrating and I probably won't use it again after I finish up with what is in my stash.

I restarted the Branching out Scarf in Caron Simply Soft. Not because this is a yarn that I thought would show of the pattern well, but because it is what I had around. I am too broke to go yarn shopping this month *sigh* but we all know I would spend more money then I should if I did so it is a stash busting project I guess. Now that I know about my crazy knitting, all my decreases are slanting the right way and it looks much better.

Last of all thought you might all enjoy this pic.

This is my bed, office, movie theater, knitting spot and yes, sometimes my dinner table. Now the stuff on the left side of the bed, that is usually moved to my computer chair come bedtime. But the stuff on the right side of the bed, yarn, knitting books and magazines and other random stuff will stay. I sleep with half my bed covered in Stuff. It is a damn good thing I am currently without lover because there is no more room in this bed!


Lindsay said...

after i washed and blocked the SWS scarves it seemed a bit softer. i still find it relatively itchy, but not enough to stop me from wearing the scarves :)

i've seen posts where people made socks out of it. THAT kind of astounds me.

vagabond bettie said...

When I read your post, i had to laugh! I slept with crap on half my bed for YEARS! I have no idea how I stopped. And about that pesky "not having a lover thing... " I gotta work on that too.