Obsessed with Harry Potter much???

So soon to be released is Charmed Knits, knitting patterns based on the Harry Potter series. A knit-a-long is being begun for this book and in preparation for the book 7 and movie 5 releases in July. There is also and HP sock KAL.

I am so freaking jealous. KALs are almost impossible for me to participate in because of all the time work sends me out of the country.

This year, I will be gone ALL SUMMER LONG! I leave in June and return in August only to leave again in September. I had to pull out of a pass-along scarf project which i am super bummed about. I will also be missing the Deathly Hallows (HP book 7) in July and the Order of the Phoenix movie release. I am more bummed about this than I was about missing Christmas last year.

I plan to buy Charmed Knits anyway. My sister is going to buy Deathly Hallows while I am away and give it to me when I return (she's sweet!). I just hope the movie is still in theaters at the very end of August. Maybe I can catch an English version of the movie in Tokyo! Of course I will only be passing through, but if the layover is long enough for a movie...

EDIT: Lovely lovely lovely Mandy has taken pity on me and volunteered to be my HP sock Fairy! I love you Mandy!

I was sorted into Ravenclaw. Anyone else interested, here is the KAL or check the link on the right if you just wanna get sorted and find out what house you would be in.


Mandy said...

You are most welcome!! Email me with everything and I can get started soon!! So cool I get to make Huffelpuff and Ravenclaw socks!!

Que Sarah said...

Where you going??