Whirlwind tour of Asia

So it is more or less official. I have picked out an itinerary and it will be purchased next week. In June I will be meeting the ship again. Stopping in Seoul, South Korea to spend the night I will continue on to meet the big boat in Phuket, Thailand. On my return journey home in August, I'll get off the ship in the Maldives, layover in Singapore and spend the night in Tokyo before returning to the states. I'm tired and it hasn't even started yet.

Does anyone know where I can pick up a little of many languages?

I think I will need some socks to create on this journey. Probably the brand spanking new Naga Socks pattern. Let's see. I'll need sock yarn and needles... boy I can't wait until payday!

PS... it is raining in San Diego. If I had my umbrella I would be stoked. I love the rain.

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vagabond bettie said...

That is one hell of an itinerary.
And I know it's going to be a long trip! One of my ex-boyfriends sold all his stuff and went travelling all over the world before he met me. He told me that the place he loved the most was Thailand.