Monkey Socks

I have begun knitting the Monkey socks on knitty.com. I changed the pattern (surprise!). I changed the purl stitches in the lace pattern to knit stitches. I thought the purl patterns interrupted the "flow" of the rest of the pattern. I also only made 4 pattern repeats on the cuff, I don't want the socks to be very high, I really should have just made them ankle socks as I like to wear those best.

I also am not doing the heel flap as she instructs but doing a sl 1 k 1, purl across heel instead. I was caught on the bus without instructions when I decided it was time to start the heel flap and that was the only heel I had ever made. However, I wanted to do a short row heel flap, but I didn't have those instructions with me at the time either. Oh well, next time.

I am using a yarn I bought on thankewe.etsy.com. It is my first variegated sock yarn purchase. I love the colors and will post pics soon.

Knitting by the sea


College Saga

For those meat-loving, video game junkies out there like myself, you need to catch College Saga on youtube.com. I've embedded the first episode here, but you will have to follow the links for episodes 2, 3 and 4. It is hilarious!

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


Charmed Knits

So I am a little behind and got a few things to say...

First I got my copy of Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter, by Alison Hansel. I love it. I had reviews that were unhappy because the patterns were too generic and the only thing special about them is the house colors. This is not the case. There are a few generic hat, scarf and glove patterns in house colors but only a few and I think they will make fantastic standards for my personal knitting library. All of your favorite knitted items from the movies have been recreated, although some not as well as I would have hoped. In my opinion, a better one has been recreated here. I got this picture of the actual sweater from Surf At Hogwarts.

The bags are cute, the stuffed owl is awesome and the phoenix scarf is fantastic. I am really looking forward to making Ron's Animal Cracker Hat. Every time I watched the Prisoner of Azkaban I would pause and stare, step forward and stare, repeat.

One other thing that I think is sweet is that the author makes suggestions on how to substitute the yarn. And it is not full of the same instructions I can get in every other knitting book.

What I am disappointed about is that there is only one color chart for The Weasley Sweater. It is a stockinette sweater with an "H" for Harry on the front but I would have liked to see an "R" for Ron (who wears his own sweater in The Sorcerer's stone).

All in all it is worth 100% of the $14.99 that I paid for it. Even for the non-fanatics it would make a great addition to their library for standard patterns.

Also, I have been Tagged. Let it begin...

1. I am the oldest of four girls.

2. I have a HUGE crush on Mike Rowe. I love you Mike! (*call me*)

3. I started playing World of Warcraft about two years ago when my boyfriend and close friend started. I quickly realized that if I didn't start playing I would never get to talk to them again. Now I love it.

4. I can never think of the right response when asked a question. Not until later, then I'm all "duh, that's what I should have said." That is what took me so long to get to this tag, but I still don't have anything to say.

5. I hate cooking, but I love eating. One does not enable the other.

6. I think it is rotten that Martha Stewart has a cooking show on PBS. She could afford to put it on any other channel including Food Network and yet it is on PBS. I just hope she is giving a LOT of cash to PBS, but I won't watch it. Even though it is the best cooking show on regular television.

7. I don't participate in chain letters and tags are the . Therefore I won't be passing this on. If someone wants to share seven things about themselves I encourage it, but I won't tell you too.


Knitting instructions that make me mad

You've been Quit 51 days. $98.18 and 2 days, 18 hours of your life saved!

I HATE it when instructions or "helpful" advice is to find something that fits you the way you want it to, in a similar fabric and measure that.

Now I don't know about all the rest of you, but chances are if I am knitting one it is because I don't already have some thing JUST LIKE IT! I don't knit repeats of store bought items. Then I would have a double wardrobe of things I do not like. When I knit for myself it is to add pieces that I love and cannot find elsewhere. Please, never tell someone to do this. Just be as descriptive as you can about the fabric that you are creating and encourage very accurate measurements. Chances are, there is nothing close enough to compare it to.

That said, I am interested in making the Picovoli tee from MagKnits. It is made with negative ease for a close fit, which is where the "measure something like it" instruction comes in. On the positive side, it does give finished measurements and suggested bust sizes for those measurements. Waay more helpful.


Interweb Stuff

Doing my morning net surf I came across a couple of interesting things.

First of which was a game that I have spent days of my life on and I don't regret a single minute of it. Flow in Games is absolutely gorgeous and interesting. The how-to is not very descriptive and at first I was frustrated, but part of playing the game I think is figuring it out. You have no "lives" and you don't "die", you just kind of... flow. The imagery is gorgeous and the music is soothing. Now there is a version available for download and offline play for free. Last night I fell asleep to the soothing sounds of the opening. This and the next are family friendly, non violent and beautiful.

More games at Orisinal. These are cute fun little games that are again just beautiful.

Plastic Fabric a fun and interesting way to recycle plastic bags. By making fabric out of them for any craft you have in mind.


Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister - Gregory Maguire

I finished Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister last night. A dark and intelligent spin on the Cinderella we all know and love.

I really liked this book. I have not read anything else by Maguire yet and I was told that Confessions was ok but his best was Wicked. That gives me high hopes for Wicked. It is difficult to take a well known story like that of Cinderella and make it new. Although almost everyone has tried. The Cinderella theme has been covered over and over again.

Maguire did a great job of making it something I never expected. He took the story into a darker place. He took me to a half realistic and half fantastic place where I was never sure exactly where reality lie.

It is really a great book and I recommend it. If you are interested in getting it check out the link to the left.

**Warning! Spoilers Ahead!**

The main character, the cruel and "Ugly Stepsister" the populace has come to know, had to be made into someone you could identify with so it is given that the reader will be presented with a character who isn't as bad as we think and probably just misunderstood.

I was surprised in the ending and mislead by the cover images, both of which I like. And at the end of the book I was left wondering, was this really a happy ending for "Cinderella"? Everyone knows she weds the prince but was that something that would really make her happy? Sure she escapes the miserable life that she knows and provides for her family through her marriage to the prince, but I almost believe she did it because she saw no other alternative and it was the easiest (as easy as seducing and wedding a prince could be) way out.


Starfish Chart Pattern

I have had some lovely comments about my starfish chart and seeing as I am a SUCKER for compliments I am going to share it with you.

Now I am not a very good notetaker and therefore not a great pattern sharer so I will give you the instructions for the chart as knit in the round and you can do it however you want: intarsia, fair isle or double-knit as I did.

The chart is 17 sts wide by 15 rows high. My hat was 110 sts around so I just made each fish pattern 22 sts by tacking on 5sts in the main color to the end of each chart making 5 even chart repeats around the hat. The instructions that follow are for only the 17 sts across. I use / to mean change colors each row is starting with the main color unless proceeded by a /

Row 1. k4/k2/k11
Row 2. k5/k3/k5/k2/k2
Row 3. k6/k2/k4/k2/k3
Row 4. k6/k3/k2/k2/k4
Row 5. k6/k3/k1/k3/k4
Row 6. k7/k5/k5
Row 7. k7/k5/k5
Row 8. k5/k6/k6
Row 9. k4/k8/k2/k3/
Row 10.k3/k3/k1/k8/k2
Row 11. k2/k2/k4/k2/k1/k3/k3
Row 12. /k3/k4/k3/k7
Row 13. k7/k2/k8
Row 14. k6/k2/k9
Row 15. k6/k1/k15

Now like I said I am no pattern writer and I just wrote this out as made sense to me and as I used it. If you have any questions, feel absolutely free to email me. That is how I will learn to be more clear in the future. If you use it, I would love for you to send me pictures. Not because you have to, but I would love to see what folks do with it.


46 days, 19 hours, 47 minutes and 15 seconds smoke free.
328 cigarettes not smoked.
$88.55 and 2 days, 12 hours of your life saved.
Your quit date: 3/26/2007

So can some one please tell me if these two innocent little Sea Monkeys are doing what I think they are doing in my bedroom window?

I'm pretty certain they are as soon afterwards I discovered the next shot. I'm pretty sure I got me some breeders.
The Pitter-Patters of Little Gills

Now no big deal right. Birds and the bees, the life cycle and all that. I understand. But what is it with me and breeders? I had a snail that laid eggs almost twice a week. Last night I had a little arachnophobia thing going on in the garage. Some eggs must have hatched because the washer/dryer was covered in little baby spiders and their was one big spider running around in the back ground.

I wish I had some pics of last night for you because I got all ninja on the spiders. Found a pair of flip flops and double fisted my wrath all over the place. Figured if I still found some today they would get a nice shower in something toxic, however either I am very good at killing spiders with flip flops and got every last one of them or they got smart and went into hiding because there is not a spider to be found.

A promised pic or three of the double-knit starfish beanie.

Starfish Beanie

I am having issues with loose stitches around the ends of the dpns but you can't see them in the body, only up by the needles so maybe it won't be a problem.

Starfish Beanie\

Starfish Beanie

I will begin decreasing it tonight before I get onto World of Warcraft. I need me some Hellfire Citadel.


44 days, 22 hours, 36 minutes and 5 seconds smoke free.
315 cigarettes not smoked.
$84.70 and 2 days, 9 hours of your life saved.
Your quit date: 3/26/2007

So because you all know I have no project attention span, I have begun a new one with that pretty purple and green Lamb's Pride that I posted recently. I haven't taken a picture of it, because there isn't much to show yet. I wanted to make a beanie with a color-worked starfish. I couldn't find a pattern online (and I'm the if-I-don't-have-it-now,-I'll-make-it-myself kinda person). I got to thinking about how it would work. I wouldn't do intarsia because just way too many ends and there would be a lot of space between color changes to make fair isle a good idea. So I figured double knit wouldn't be a bad alternative. Then I could make it completely reversible and four ends to weave in. So I did it. I wrote myself a color pattern, taught myself to double knit and I was off. I will post pictures after I complete the color rows. But here is an image of the chart I made. Not too complex I don't think...

I have been working on Hunter's Cardigan in cotton-ease. I really like that yarn. I only have the button-hole band, buttons and a few ends to weave in before it is complete. YAY...

I ordered Charmed Knits at the Borders near my home. I stopped at a few book stores over the last week and couldn't find any so I went ahead and ordered one.

This morning I saw an amazing optic phenomena that I have only read about in books. It is called heiligenschein and you can read about it on wikipedia. It is a corona of light that surrounds the head of the viewer's shadow. It appeared in the dew on my way to the bus stop this morning, sorry for the quality, I took the pic with my phone. I don't know if you can see it very well, but I was amazed :) It was probably easier to see with my polarized sunglasses on.

Today I had to work near main campus and how can you complain about work when surrounded by this...

Also, these beautiful flowers lined my path nearly all day and they smell amazing.

It is at this point I would like to mention how much I love Patrick Stewart. And in my opinion he was never hotter than in Star Trek: Insurrection. I must get back to my movie :)


Awesome T-shirt Fun

ok so I so totally have to make a rug just like this. Except with fringe.


Picture heavy!

40 days, 12 hours, 15 minutes and 40 seconds smoke free.
284 cigarettes not smoked. $77.00 and 2 days, 4 hours of your life saved.
Your quit date: 3/26/2007

So while my parents were here I did some acquiring. First of all, my mommy bought me a necklace in Mexico...

Then she forgot her earrings here, haha, they are mine now!

I did some shopping and came home with a new purse/knitting bag...

New to me shoes for work, but I lub them so much!

Two sweaters for recycling the yarn, both cotton blends...

I started unraveling the first and I am having a problem that I have had in the past, the strands in the yarn become loose and it is almost as if it has lost all the "ply" is that the right word for it? It is almost as if it is just three or four strands running side by side but not really plied at all. Any suggestions for how to fix this?

And another sweater that I am going to keep for me because I love the style and the way it fits...

One day I took my knitting to the beach, sorry no pictures of the beach but I do have pictures of the Branching Out that I took with me. It is getting longer and I am am about a quarter of the way through my yarn for it...

Please notice the straight line up the center. This is a result of correctly executing the sl2-k1-p2sso like I mentioned earlier. Below is the incorrect execution, but I ain't fixing it. No one but us will ever notice...

I bought some yarn, cuz y'know, I do that. Lamb's Pride Superwash 100% wool. I hear good things about it on the net all the time so I took the plunge. Two skeins of both colors...

And Hunter's Cardigan progresses. I finally cast on the sleeves. I am doing them at the same time on one set of needles and carrying the yarn up the side. Yes, this means that I have 6, count them, SIX balls of yarn hanging from my needles. I must love pain.

I have completed a web course in HTML and web design and purchased myself a book. This now makes me an expert. (HA!). Anyway, I plan to start making some changes to this website. Hopefully for the better cuz right now it needs some help.

I created a button for us single knitters. There is nowhere to link it but you can copy it to your server and use to identify yourself as a single knitter if you want. It isn't the worldwide community I was looking for but it may be a start in the right direction. I would love to know if you decide to use it so please send me an email or write me a comment.


kissy, kissy

My parents left this morning and I will be sharing all kinds of stuff tonight, but to tide you over...

Your Famous Movie Kiss is from The Princess Bride

"This is true love - you think this happens every day?"

For those of you that know me... are you really surprised?