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Your quit date: 3/26/2007

So can some one please tell me if these two innocent little Sea Monkeys are doing what I think they are doing in my bedroom window?

I'm pretty certain they are as soon afterwards I discovered the next shot. I'm pretty sure I got me some breeders.
The Pitter-Patters of Little Gills

Now no big deal right. Birds and the bees, the life cycle and all that. I understand. But what is it with me and breeders? I had a snail that laid eggs almost twice a week. Last night I had a little arachnophobia thing going on in the garage. Some eggs must have hatched because the washer/dryer was covered in little baby spiders and their was one big spider running around in the back ground.

I wish I had some pics of last night for you because I got all ninja on the spiders. Found a pair of flip flops and double fisted my wrath all over the place. Figured if I still found some today they would get a nice shower in something toxic, however either I am very good at killing spiders with flip flops and got every last one of them or they got smart and went into hiding because there is not a spider to be found.

A promised pic or three of the double-knit starfish beanie.

Starfish Beanie

I am having issues with loose stitches around the ends of the dpns but you can't see them in the body, only up by the needles so maybe it won't be a problem.

Starfish Beanie\

Starfish Beanie

I will begin decreasing it tonight before I get onto World of Warcraft. I need me some Hellfire Citadel.


ericah64 said...

Wow, I *LOVE* that starfish hat! Thing Two (who is 6 years old and looking over my shoulder) likes it, too.

Lindsay said...

i **really** like how the starfish is turning out. the colors really work for the pattern.

on two separate occasions while i was in high school i managed to step in spider nests and the lower half of my legs were covered in spider bites (which swelled to the size of a golf ball cut in half). damn those baby spiders for not knowing how to control how much venom they inject. (note: neither time did i notice that i was being bitten--i only found out when i started to itch and swell)

Mandy said...

That is so cool!! I really like the starfish I hope you are going to share!:) Better you than me with the spiders I would have got out the raid! Have a great weekend!!

Alextricity said...

You're very funny! lol. all ninja on the baby spiders, ey? hehehehehehehe....have a good one
cheers :)