Charmed Knits

So I am a little behind and got a few things to say...

First I got my copy of Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter, by Alison Hansel. I love it. I had reviews that were unhappy because the patterns were too generic and the only thing special about them is the house colors. This is not the case. There are a few generic hat, scarf and glove patterns in house colors but only a few and I think they will make fantastic standards for my personal knitting library. All of your favorite knitted items from the movies have been recreated, although some not as well as I would have hoped. In my opinion, a better one has been recreated here. I got this picture of the actual sweater from Surf At Hogwarts.

The bags are cute, the stuffed owl is awesome and the phoenix scarf is fantastic. I am really looking forward to making Ron's Animal Cracker Hat. Every time I watched the Prisoner of Azkaban I would pause and stare, step forward and stare, repeat.

One other thing that I think is sweet is that the author makes suggestions on how to substitute the yarn. And it is not full of the same instructions I can get in every other knitting book.

What I am disappointed about is that there is only one color chart for The Weasley Sweater. It is a stockinette sweater with an "H" for Harry on the front but I would have liked to see an "R" for Ron (who wears his own sweater in The Sorcerer's stone).

All in all it is worth 100% of the $14.99 that I paid for it. Even for the non-fanatics it would make a great addition to their library for standard patterns.

Also, I have been Tagged. Let it begin...

1. I am the oldest of four girls.

2. I have a HUGE crush on Mike Rowe. I love you Mike! (*call me*)

3. I started playing World of Warcraft about two years ago when my boyfriend and close friend started. I quickly realized that if I didn't start playing I would never get to talk to them again. Now I love it.

4. I can never think of the right response when asked a question. Not until later, then I'm all "duh, that's what I should have said." That is what took me so long to get to this tag, but I still don't have anything to say.

5. I hate cooking, but I love eating. One does not enable the other.

6. I think it is rotten that Martha Stewart has a cooking show on PBS. She could afford to put it on any other channel including Food Network and yet it is on PBS. I just hope she is giving a LOT of cash to PBS, but I won't watch it. Even though it is the best cooking show on regular television.

7. I don't participate in chain letters and tags are the . Therefore I won't be passing this on. If someone wants to share seven things about themselves I encourage it, but I won't tell you too.