Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister - Gregory Maguire

I finished Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister last night. A dark and intelligent spin on the Cinderella we all know and love.

I really liked this book. I have not read anything else by Maguire yet and I was told that Confessions was ok but his best was Wicked. That gives me high hopes for Wicked. It is difficult to take a well known story like that of Cinderella and make it new. Although almost everyone has tried. The Cinderella theme has been covered over and over again.

Maguire did a great job of making it something I never expected. He took the story into a darker place. He took me to a half realistic and half fantastic place where I was never sure exactly where reality lie.

It is really a great book and I recommend it. If you are interested in getting it check out the link to the left.

**Warning! Spoilers Ahead!**

The main character, the cruel and "Ugly Stepsister" the populace has come to know, had to be made into someone you could identify with so it is given that the reader will be presented with a character who isn't as bad as we think and probably just misunderstood.

I was surprised in the ending and mislead by the cover images, both of which I like. And at the end of the book I was left wondering, was this really a happy ending for "Cinderella"? Everyone knows she weds the prince but was that something that would really make her happy? Sure she escapes the miserable life that she knows and provides for her family through her marriage to the prince, but I almost believe she did it because she saw no other alternative and it was the easiest (as easy as seducing and wedding a prince could be) way out.