Starfish Chart Pattern

I have had some lovely comments about my starfish chart and seeing as I am a SUCKER for compliments I am going to share it with you.

Now I am not a very good notetaker and therefore not a great pattern sharer so I will give you the instructions for the chart as knit in the round and you can do it however you want: intarsia, fair isle or double-knit as I did.

The chart is 17 sts wide by 15 rows high. My hat was 110 sts around so I just made each fish pattern 22 sts by tacking on 5sts in the main color to the end of each chart making 5 even chart repeats around the hat. The instructions that follow are for only the 17 sts across. I use / to mean change colors each row is starting with the main color unless proceeded by a /

Row 1. k4/k2/k11
Row 2. k5/k3/k5/k2/k2
Row 3. k6/k2/k4/k2/k3
Row 4. k6/k3/k2/k2/k4
Row 5. k6/k3/k1/k3/k4
Row 6. k7/k5/k5
Row 7. k7/k5/k5
Row 8. k5/k6/k6
Row 9. k4/k8/k2/k3/
Row 10.k3/k3/k1/k8/k2
Row 11. k2/k2/k4/k2/k1/k3/k3
Row 12. /k3/k4/k3/k7
Row 13. k7/k2/k8
Row 14. k6/k2/k9
Row 15. k6/k1/k15

Now like I said I am no pattern writer and I just wrote this out as made sense to me and as I used it. If you have any questions, feel absolutely free to email me. That is how I will learn to be more clear in the future. If you use it, I would love for you to send me pictures. Not because you have to, but I would love to see what folks do with it.


vagabond bettie said...

It's "Walk like an egyptian, starfish style!" I'm gonna do one!

nonnie said...

This is just what I was looking for - by far the best starfish I've seen. I'm going to start a hat for my son right away! Many thanks for sharing your beautiful work.