come sail away... come sail away... come sail away with meeee!

I am sitting at SFO waiting for my flight to Seoul, S. Korea. I had to purchase 60 minutes of internet time because there were some things I forgot to do. So far the only thing on my forgot to bring list is deodorant, but I'm sure they will sell that in Thailand right?

WWKIP was a lot of fun. It wasn't very big, only one unknown person showed up but it was such a lovely day in the park. You could hear softball games nearby and there was a breeze. I manged to get a knitting sunburn. Who knew? For all of you curious what such a thing could be, it is a burn on my left side, farmer style (meaning a line at my sleeve) and there is a pale "V" shape inside my elbow. It looks HOT let me tell you. Sorry I don't have pictures to show, but I was too busy talking, knitting and eating, you know how it is.

I wanna say thanks to Patty who share with me a big bag full of caron simply soft which I really like and Jo who gave me a skein of sock yarn and only wants the left overs for some fair isle stuff. Love you guys! Have a great summer!

A few things before I go. The Vagabond Bettie has asked me who's ass I would like to wear as a hat and she totally tried to steal MY Mike Rowe. But you all know he belongs to me, right?!? (don't nobody else be macking on my mike!).

I would also like to include any one who has ever played Mr. Darcy, including Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen. And of course the ever hottening Mr. Daniel Radcliffe. (who turns 18 on july 23rd by the way, not like i'm counting or anything)


My internet is broken

sorry if I can't get back online between now and June 11th when I leave, but i will try to post occasionally from sea so check back once in a while.



Yes I know I am a bad, bad blogger. However I also know that you have been missing me terribly and holding your breath while you check back hourly to see if Knitting for Health and Sanity has been updated. And that is what has guilted me into writing today.

I am leaving on Sunday and just overwhelmed with things to do before I go. Got to get keyed for Karazhan (World of Warcraft) so hopefully I can get one Kara run in before I leave until SEPTEMBER!

However I have pictures!
I bought sock yarn! From thankewe.etsy.com. It is superwash and called Strawberry Shortcake. Came with candy, my favorite even, YUM!
I made socks with this sock yarn. I am on the first. It is my modified version of the Monkey Sock on knitty.com. Modifications include, changing the purls to knits because it helped the flow of the sock and adding a short-row heel. It was my first and without instruction so it looks like a nipple on the end of my heel, and i have a big hole where the foot, heel and ankle meet but overall I am satisfied.

I completed Hunter's Cardigan for my friend Jen's first baby boy. I completed it last night at my knitting group and plan to mail it off tomorrow. The button band looks funny, but I am out of time, it needs to get mailed tomorrow!

My Olive Striped Raglan cardigan is coming along. Honestly I took this picture a long time ago and the sleeves are much longer, but the light is fading and I can't get you another one right now. I won't be able to take it with me. It is just too bulky.

I will however pack on my trip the Modified Monkey socks and the Branching Out which has been sitting lonely on the side of my bed for quite sometime now.

Saturday is World Wide Knit in Public Day. If you are in San Diego, please join us in Kearny Mesa Park you can check out the info at the top-right of the page. If you aren't in San Diego, get out your needles and show them the sunlight by knitting someplace you can be seen.