All the things I should have written but was too lazy so am now going to present in a bulleted list...

If you are going to lose your passport in Asia, Singapore is not a bad place to do it.

Apparently anything that would be worn by someone twenty years younger than yourself is the fashion in Japan. Prepare yourself with heels, polka dots and ruffles.

I love the Northwest US. PAX in Seattle was probably the most fun I have ever had as a grownup. As a result I have been playing more Nintendo DS than knitting. But besides that. Seattle is my kinda town and the Northwest Coast has the best weather! Cool and moist and I can wear all my souvenir sweatshirts.

When you only travel once a year it is OK to go on a food vacation. However, if you travel for a living, maybe you should reel it in a little and not eat 3 bacon bleu cheese burgers from the Newport Rogue Brewery in 5 days. Not that I know that from experience... just... you know... `_`

I have no self control (see previous bullet) and yarn crawls should be forbidden if I want to eat the rest of the month.

I have completed 2 knitted items the entire summer. Including the completely original, reversible, double-knit, green and purple starfish cap. I owe the successful, super-stretchy ribbed castoff to my wonderful and crazy knowledgeable Infinite Knitters group. I sure missed those gals.While glad to be home I am leaving again in less than a week for a very stressful work trip to Japan and Taiwan so don't get used to the posting.

I made myself a Bento Box for lunch tomorrow. Check it out.
I started a pair of Pomatomus socks but am making them toe-up. Complex!
I need to take a nap now... night!


Heather said...

YAY for bento! Looks so yummy!!

vagabond bettie said...

Did you see the hello kitty bento? I'll dig it up for you if you didn't see it.