Persuasion - Jane Austen

I really do enjoy Jane Austen so you all know I'm gonna be positive about this book. However, one of the best things about this book is how different it is from the rest of her novels. Jane usually tells us stories about young women in the prime of their youth and beauty and leads us to believe that their only hope at a future lies in snagging a well-to-do husband now before their beauty fades. Outside of a mother's relationship with her daughters, experience is not something that is prized and second chances are not given.

However, Persuasion is written with another point of view and one that "jives" better with today's women. The heroine Anne Elliot has nearly reached the "old maid" stage in her life. She has loved and lost. Life has prevented her from being with the man she loves and yet, now, she has the opportunity to make her life right, the opportunity to follow her heart.

The novel keeps you on your toes as well. Misunderstandings galore, as is the style of Miss Austen, sustain the suspense that attracts you to the story, anxious to see how it will be resolved.

It is a fantastic and classic novel you expect from Jane Austen, and yet, altogether completely unexpected.

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