Back to the Infinite Knitters

I love returning to my weekly knit night after being away for a while. I hate being away from it but coming back always feels great. Knitters are the best people. I really felt loved and missed. Everyone wants to know what I worked on while I was away, what I brought back and they have all kinds of finished objects to show off.

This time I brought back a couple of magazines from Japan. One is a craft magazine, it starts with knitting and crochet and gets into dolls, sewing, paper crafts and finishes up with foot massage. The foot massage got me laughing pretty good and I had to have the magazine. Cuz what kind of crafter doesn't practice her foot massage? Also the pictures are so clear, the instructions are easy to follow without reading the language.

I also got another that was all knitting/crochet and every pattern is charted so who needs to read Japanese. What I love about it is it takes on pattern and alters it three or four ways and shows you how. I love it!

I worked on the Clapotis most of the night.

I made a new friend named Donna coming back to knitting after a 20 year hiatus. Welcome back Donna. Her and Jolene helped me work out a solution for my Momma's Lucie sweater. I'll post my plan later. night

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