I have finally decided I need to share this dream. Some of you video gamers out there might be aware of Penny Arcade. A comic/news site about video games. It is run by two guys who comic aliases are Tycho and Gabe. It is thanks to these fabulous men that we have the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, WA (if you play games, go!).

Ok so I had a dream that I was at some kind of convention. In the ladies room. Where I met Tycho and Gabe and Gabe's wife Kara. I don't know what they were doing in the ladies room but we became friends and Tycho came back with me to my seats in the auditorium. He is somehow smaller than when I met him and when I sit down next to my dad Tycho has to sit on my lap to see the stage. I look over and my boyfriend is on the other side of my dad and fan that he is I took Tycho to meet him. On the way, he is hanging on to me like a monkey. Hanging around my neck. Before I can get to my boyfriend though, Gabe calls Tycho's name from the stage and he runs off all normal sized and not monkey like.

What the hell does it mean?

Why is Tycho a monkey?

How come Gabe didn't come sit with me too?

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