A Few Comments About Ravelry.com...

...which I totally love so none of these complaints overwhelm the awesomeness that is Ravelry.com in fact, most of my complaints must be towards knitters in general.

I am amazed at how many knitters use the suggested yarn for a pattern. I expected a lot more creativity on the knitter's part in general. Now as you may have read in my last post, I got 5 skeins of Alpaca Silk from Blue Sky Alpaca yesterday. I got onto my newest resource, did a search for the yarn and checked out all the projects made with it. In 33 pages of projects (492 projects!) a very large portion are the same patterns, The Somewhat Cowl, Drawstring Pouch and the Clementine shawl. There are also quite a few Clapotis (there are several of those in any yarn however) and Branching Out Scarf. I am just a little disappointed in the lack of creativity.

Not as a complaint, but a comment. There sure are a lot of hats and scarves as finished objects, but that is understandable. They are quick and satisfying projects.

Also, the groups. I'm not sure what I want to say here, but they seem a little ridiculous. I have joined 13. I know I don't have time for 13. I probably will visit like 5 a week and they will probably be the same 5 over and over again. However, the combo of group badges on your about me page can really help describe you as a person.

I think I may continue to join them as I find them and eventually I will get up to like 40 or 50 groups just to describe the person I am, but I will probably only visit them when working on projects that fit into their categories like Harry Potter inspired projects or Super Bowl knitting.

This brings up an interesting point. Is it wrong to join a ravelry.com group if you are not and do not intend to be an active member? How fair is it to the rest of the group?


Lindsay said...

I am in a number of groups but the only ones I find really useful are the local area groups and the Stitches East group. The Harry Potter one is alright but everyone's so...unnecessarily verbose. Can't wait until the fanfic starts popping up (ugh). Actually it may already be there. I don't look closely anymore.

Jolene said...

I haven't bothered to join many groups because I know I'll be in the same situation as you (won't read most of them). I wouldn't think it's a problem to join a lot of them though--like you said, it says something about who you are, and it's a little like having a bookmark there, so if you do feel like checking out the group once in a while you can do it quickly.

Another good thing about Ravelry: you can see when your friends have posted on their blogs. :)

Agreed on the boring (lack of) yarn substitution at Ravelry. But that could be because some of us have a problem with messing around with pattern suggestions a little too much...

g. said...

i haven't noticed a lack of yarn substitutions yet, but i wish i could figure out a way to search patterns by gauge.

By clicking through people's profiles in groups, I've discovered several great patterns that I never would have known about. I'm not in too many groups, and some of them are fairly inactive. but they are nice to describe who you are as a person.